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Succubus (Mernac)

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Succubus (Mernac)
Alignment Evil
Type Faerie
Publication history
Source books Legends of Mernac
First appearance Legends of Mernac
Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Legends of Mernac online role playing game are alluring devious female creatures of darkness, possessing great sensual beauty and unmatched skills of seduction.


Name Succubus
Scribe Quont
Origin Place Kendal Forest
Origin Race Faerie
Time - From Bella 1st, 1
Time - To Bella 1st, 1


The succubus is an alluring yet devious female creature of darkness, possessing great sensual beauty and unmatched skills of seduction. Created by the Father god, Barak, with the help of his brother Quont, the succubus is an instrument of evil designed to break the will of men.


When his spell of Evil Focus over the race of mankind was foiled by the Mother of Nature, Siberlee, Barak devised a new plan for corrupting this favoured race of the gods. He saw that the will of the flesh was weak among this race and so found a way to bend them to his bidding.

He lured a poor faery, Trayel, with broken and torn wings into his cunning plan by playing on her vanity and pride with promises of love and adulation and the most glorious set of golden new wings never before seen among the Fae. Barak knew that faeries were the most beautiful and sensual of all female creatures in Mernac and he also knew that they possessed the power of Eros - the power to put men into a trance-like state using their incredible beauty and hypnotic eyes. In this altered state, men feel intense emotions of lust, love, adoration and even subservience to their new mistress.

Barak wanted to capture the essence of this power, so he captured the poor broken faery. Using his dark magic and incantations, he removed the faery’s heart and soul, sealing them forever in an enchanted vial, while retaining and amplifying her power of Eros a hundredfold. He then called on his brother, the Father of Lust, Quont, to create a new soul for the faery’s beautiful shell. A soul so wicked, like a dark erotic phantom, driven only to simultaneous torment and delight, like only Quont could create.

They then schooled the young faery in the art of seduction and taught her the many, many ways to sensually please a man - or male of any race for that matter, for no race is immune to the dark temptations of the succubus. For this, Barak took the now heartless and soulless faery into his own bed for the whole moon of Trivo, enjoying his new sex slave. He trained this new creature perhaps a little too well, as like the succubus’ many victims to come, Barak was left weak and spent for the next moon. As a result, the people of Mernac enjoyed a fairly quiet winter that season, free of the meddlings of the Dark Father while he used the time to regenerate preparing to unleash his new evil creation on the world.

When Barak was done teaching the hollow faery the ways of darkness, he gave her a new name, Traesha. And she was the perfect tool for the undoing of men. He instructed her to bring back more broken faeries, and she obeyed, helping Barak and Quont to create more succubus creatures at their call to tempt and tease men. To honour Quont’s great service and devotion in this matter, Barak gave Quont command over the succubi harem, each becoming a new disciple of Quont, the Father of Lust.


It is said that these sisters of darkness sing an alluring song that takes over the minds and will of men, sending their blood racing through their veins making them ready for passion. They then lay with the men, taking all of their seed and draining them completely of their energy, especially their Ga, but leaving them craving ever more like a sickness or addiction. Making up the Dark Fathers’ succubi harem are Traesha the Man Eater, Lanesha the Lady of Darkness, Sharesha the Temptress and now Karesha and Darnesha as well.

These evil creatures have been able to change the course of events and destroy many lives through their sinful ways, like the time Traesha successfully seduced Vootan in early Fur history. Vootan was destined to be the great Goldenfur leader of all the Furs, uniting the clans in peace and prosperity. But he was corrupted by Traesha and forever lost his way, spending the rest of his life shunned and lost to utter madness.

The succubus also has the ability to walk into men’s dreams, seducing them as they lay even with their wives. Such was the case with King Kestrel of Rivenmore in Brangin who lost all of his seed regularly to Lanesha. King Kestrel was therefore never able to conceive a child with his lovely and heartbroken queen.

Ah but men are not the only ones who suffer such temptations. Women of all races too succumb to the wiles of the Incubus - the male version of the dark creature. Women often hold places of power and influence in Mernac as well and they too fall prey to the seductions of a fair face and the sins of the flesh.


So how do you protect yourself from the advances of the succubus you ask? Will. A strong will and a pure heart can give you a fighting chance, but not many escape the dark, sensual clutches of the succubus.

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