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Succubus (Generic Fantasy)

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Alignment Any, but generally Evil
Type Demonic Race
Stats Generic Fantasy Wikia
Publication history
Source books Generic Fantasy Wikia
First appearance Generic Fantasy Wikia
Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus is a character for the Generic Fantasy role playing game. No statistics are included as each game has its own method of creating the statistics for a character. The purpose of this article was to provide character flavor and abilities. It can also be used for Incubi in general with minor alterations.


By far the most affable of demonic races, though by no means the least dangerous, the Succubi (the proper name for the species; an acceptable gender-neutral name is 'cubi) are representatives of lust and sexuality. This trait is full of unfortunate implications; as a result, the Succubi are often referred to as an entire species full of promiscuous sluts.

Their willingness does not mean they're a nice race. Exceptions aside, they easily exploit their sexuality for personal gain; their ability to make any race think through their pants means they can (and often will) manipulate and devastate anyone who thinks they're easy.


Generally, Succubi take on a "winged humanoid" appearance, with bat-like wings and a barbed tail. Contrary to popular belief, not all Succubi display a veil of glamor to make themselves look attractive; many are quite attractive in their own right, and use their magical ability to tweak their appearance to be the perfect mate for their victim.


  • Las Avaritia: The demonic capital. Described as a cesspool of mortal desires and material wants, Avaritia is nonetheless a very large and extravagant city, where anyone can go in and succumb to sins of any sort for a night... or longer, in some cases, much like the real Las Vegas. In both cases, though, it's probably a good idea to watch your pocket. No clear "mayor" figure.
  • Lilin Village: Compared to the demonic capital, Lilin is nowhere near as luxurious, and nowhere near as sinister. Founded by a small group of Succubi who desire to live a more peaceful life, it grew into a self-sustaining farming community quickly. Incidentally, has very good relations with Haven. Led by Gen Casar, the town hero.


Succubi, as a rule, are very much magic-based creatures, while it's not unheard of for some to take on physical roles.

  • Transformation: The ability for a Succubus to change their physical appearance. The extent of this ability is limited to two things; the first is the Succubus' imagination, and the second is to something remotely humanoid. This means that they can take on the appearance of anyone they can remember, or in some cases take on the identity of someone entirely new. Whether this extends to their body changing shape physically remains to be seen.
  • Charm: In addition to changing their appearance, Succubi can also "charm" another person. What this means is that they can make someone attracted to them, similar to how a love potion would work. It's worth noting that this is simply for lust purposes, and doesn't make one fall in love with a Succubus instantly.


When sexual activity isn't taken into account, they live just as long as humans. When it is, however, it tends to be significantly longer, depending on how active they are. Typically, a succubus can live up to 50 years longer than normal, if they're moderately active.

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