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Succubus (Atlantica)

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Atlantica Online character
Atlantica Online Succubus
First game Atlantica Online

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Atlantica Online free to play 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game are a type of monster that players encounter. Atlantica Online is set in an alternate history Earth, with the game map consisting of large parts of the northern hemisphere. The setting is fantasy-themed with elements of steampunk.

The game features a persistent world populated by player-generated characters and NPCs. The player can choose from nine different classes and customize their appearance. Players do not fight with the main character alone; each player can recruit additional fighters, up to the maximum of eight mercenaries (and one main) on the field at any given time. Players can store additional mercenaries in mercenary rooms. In addition to their battle skills, all players may pursue a number of different crafting abilities.


Level 67
Experience 4,122
Attack Power 918 ~ 1,320
Def High
Magic Defense High
HP Medium
Type Spirit Type
Weapon Staff
Basic Attack Magic / Single
Magic Thousand Swords
Aggressive Yes
Reinforce Yes
Special Boss / Stun Immunity
Solo / Party Party Recommended
Quest List
Level Quest - Mission Quantity
57 Citratus - Exorcist: 11.[Party] For the Warrior 1
65 Rose - Witch's Lab: 17.To Apologize 1 (Piece of Nightmare)
Thousand Swords No description available
Category Active
Type Active
Magic Element General
Hit All
Target Anywhere but 3rd enemy in a full column
Cool Down 3
Action Power 235
PvE Statistics
Level MP Health
1 (PvE) 120 -1.200
Item Information
Item Type Ratio
Copper Ingot Mineral Very Low
Crystal Mineral Very Low
Gold Ingot Mineral Very Low
Iron Ingot Mineral Very Low
Piece of Nightmare Quest Very High
Platinum Ore Mineral Very Low
Powder of Life Mineral Low
Powder of Spirit Mineral Very Low
Shining Glass Misc. Low
Silver Ingot Mineral Very Low
Field Type Qty
Devil's Forest: Room of Suffering Field - General 1

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