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Succubi di Diablo

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Succubi di Diablo
Virtueverse character
First appearance Virtueverse
First game City of Heroes
Virtueverse Wiki
Created by SoulTrain
Fictional profile
A group of demonesses in the Rogue Isles

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi di Diablo are a group of demonesses in the Rogue Isles in the Virtueverse role playing game created by SoulTrain.


The Succubi di Diablo is a group of demonesses in the Rogue Isles. Most are succubi - sexy yet evil temptresses that use magical or demonic abilities to coerce, confuse, and/or dominate their foes.

Their lair is carved out of the rock of the Devil's Cape... if they have discovered the other 'tenant' of the volcano, no one's breathed a word about it. Entry is by glyphs and incantations set up at specific ley line intersections throughout the Isles[1].


  • Black Rattlesnake - Envoy of Lilitu
  • And a few others...

Known Connections

At this time no associations have been publicized.


At this time we're not recruiting new members, although there's no harm in asking about becoming a member. If your character is sexy, sinful, and has trouble masking that brimstone scent, give us a call.

MRP Warning

Succubi di Diablo is classed as a "Mature RP" group. Not that we're only into cyber... But, the RP we engage in is probably a bit too gory, sick, kinky, disgusting, and twisted for most kids, and probably more than a few adults. If any of the Succubi are observed engaging in anything beyond PG-13 in any public channels, send Black Rattlesnake a tell and it'll be addressed.


  1. Supergroup Base Portals

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