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Tera and Song by DarkShadow
Name Song
Title(s) Tera's Song
Passion of the Realm
Age mid-30s
Gender Female
Hair Colour Platinum Blonde with a wisp of blue
Eye Colour Green
Personality Passionately Enthralling
Strength(s) Hypnotic Voice
Devotion to Tera
Weakness(es) Submissiveness to Tera*
*Not seen as an actual weakness
Favorite Place Entwined with her Love
Home in the Realm Has an apartment in Tera's Home
Alias Aria
Created By Aria
Quote Love is a Song...
...to be revelled in

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Song, also known as Aria, as well as Tera's Song, is Tera's lover and one of a small number of souls that call the Realm their home that are not either Succubi or Incubi in nature. Once an promising singer on Earth, Song, who's original name is long forgotten, met Tera and fell in love with her.

Eventually Song offered herself to Tera with the intention of being Tera's submissive or Pet. However, Tera's love for Song made such an act feel incomplete and believing that Song was something more, Tera gave Song a portion of her own powers which transformed her into the soul now known as Song. Song's singing abilities are legendary, her enhanced voice being similar to that of a Siren in some aspects. As well, Song's abilities include being able to enthrall others, shape their thoughts and transform them mentally. The red collar that Song wears is her mark of being Tera's submissive, but more importantly to them both, the collar proclaims Song's love for Tera and its meaning to her.

Physical Description

Song appears to be approximately in her mid-30s physically, though her actual age is only known to Song and Tera. She is about the same height as Tera, if slightly less curvy in body shape. Song has platinum blonde hair, which she always wears in a long ponytail. She does this as an "echo" of Tera's tail, something that Song does not possess herself. However, of interest is the light wisp of blue in her hair which legend tells is a mark of her devotion to Tera, much as that of the Blur Tails of the Realm. She has green eyes which are a similar shade to Tera's own in that she possesses a measure of Tera's own powers. Song's voice is her greatest power, being her "song" which has a hypnotic quality to it.

Song prefers to wear dresses that show off her legs, mainly in various natural shades of colours. She rarely wears heels, though if necessary she prefers low heels, slippers and similar being her favourites. Song dresses not to impress others, but rather to speak to the song she carries within herself. To be simply Tera's Love, to be with her. The singular item Song always possesses is her red collar. It is her mark of being Tera's submissive, but more importantly, the collar proclaims Song's love for Tera and its meaning to her.


Powers and Abilities


Song by DarkShadow


  • Song loves rainfall, one of her most well known arias is meant to be performed in the midst of a spring shower.
  • While Song's birth name is not known, she has a stage name of Aria, which is the name she goes by when she preforms outside of the Realm, albeit this is very rare.
  • Song's favorite shades are earthen colors, tending towards desert hues of sky and land.
  • Song loves being teased by Tera, occasionally being somewhat mischievous to attract her Lover's attention.
  • She has never gone swimming in the Lake of Fire, preferring to remain on the seashore.
  • Song is a volunteer at the Realm medical center where it was discovered her voice has a calming effect on souls who are in pain or distress.
  • Song needs glasses to read, they being large, oval and silver-rimmed in style.
  • She dislikes cold weather, preferring desert heat and the warmest days of summer are when she is happiest of all.


  • While Song's hair is platinum blonde, there is a light wisp of blue that is apparent in one lock of her hair. This blue is a deeper, more vibrant blue than that of most of the Blue Tails of the Realm.
  • Song dislikes high heels which causes Tera no end of amusement.
  • She has never been seen without her collar or her hair in a ponytail.
  • Once a year, at the time of the Summer Solstice, she can be found at the shore of the Lake of Fire, greeting the dawning Sun with song.
  • The Realm's music hall is known as The Aria in her honour.
  • Song has a lesser known role as Tera's Herald and Messenger.
  • While Song is a submissive, and loves her role as such, she has, very occasionally at the request of Tera, used her powers to dominate others, but this is very rare.

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