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Satyri/Soap Satyri

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Soap Satyri
"Alexa," a typical Soap Satyri, shortly after her change
"Alexa," a typical Soap Satyri, shortly after her change
Character in Series Alexa
Appearance DPRagan's Magic School Storyverse
Physical Aspects Similar in most aspects to Satyri

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For other Satyri variants by the artist DPRagan, see Satyri.

Soap Satyri are a form of modified human in DPRagan's Magic School Storyverse. They are the result of an unfortunate victim being transformed into their current form, a red skinned succubus-like being, most often by cursed bodywash or soap.

General Description

All Soap Satyri were originally virgin men, often of good moral character. Victims who are changed into Soap Satyri interact with a cursed form of soap or body wash, most commonly seen under the brand name Lilith Brand Body Wash, although it is frequently hidden as other brands by magic until it is too late.

When a victim of the cursed "Lilith Brand Bodywash" applies the soap to their skin, it soaks in and begins to painlessly melt the victim's flesh away, revealing the characteristic rubber pelt of a Satyri underneath. This process has no feeling associated with it, most victims do not realize it has occurred until after the fact; nor can it be prevented or halted by any known natural or supernatural method.

However, in all cases the victim's human face will remain connected and untouched, sitting on top of their new Satyri face as a "mask" of skin. This "mask" will begin to itch horrifically; if the victim gives into the urge to scratch (even momentarily), the remaining skin will fall off, permanently sealing the change. As most people do not realize the change has occurred until after this point, and far fewer know that the mask is key to retaining their humanity, it is almost unheard of for a victim to avoid sealing their change in this manner; even those that do are permanently gender bent by the experience, their human -- but female -- skin regrowing over the course of several weeks.

Despite the Soap Satyri having similar physical features to Succubi, all Soap Satyri are human on the inside, they retain human souls and free will, and all known medical treatments work on Soap Satyri equally well as on a human. There are exceptions to this fact, however; all Soap Satyri are affected by Holy Items (they act as an aphrodisiac) and Chocolate (aphrodisiac and incredibly addicting) in unusual ways.

Other than these minor reactions, Soap Satyri do have a specific complication that complicates their lives and partially bypasses their free will -- all Soap Satyri have a form of seemingly intentional brain modification that leaves them unable to feel any form of shame or modesty about their nude bodies. This lack of a nudity taboo is infamous in the Magic School setting.

Physical Description

Soap Satyri have few changes from the "base" Satyri form; Indeed, the Soap Satyri form is considered the standard form that all Satyri variants are compared to.

Soap Satyri tend to not have the black sclera (the "whites of the eyes") effect that appears in some (mostly Lillithians), although there are rare exceptions. In all cases their eyes do retain the unusual, catlike pupil and improved night vision, however.

Soap Satyri and Society

Soap Satyri are the lucky Satyri that have few problems re-integrating themselves into their old lives. While they will always receive stares and unwanted attention, they have no overwhelming issues keeping them from being productive members of society. The biggest issue that Soap Satyri have is their lack of a nudity taboo, something that is easily worked around.

A Soap Satyri is quite able to return to their old lives, although their friends, family, and coworkers accepting them back is another story. While it is not technically illegal to fire a Satyri due to her change, there is enough pressure involved that most Satyri do not have to directly worry about this.

The biggest challenges Soap Satyri face immediately after their change is learning to walk again, beginning the slow process of training themselves to remember to bother dressing before leaving the house, and dealing with the sudden -- and permanent -- change in their lives.

Soap Satyri and Humanity

Soap Satyri are the most common form of Satyri, and as such, receive acceptance more or less by default. While Satyris are still rare in the societies DPRagan has described, most people appear to be aware of the condition at the very least, and due to them being more common than the other variants typically associate the Soap Satyri variant with all Satyri as a whole.

Soap Satyri generally are well accepted in most of the societies DPRagan has described, provided they make an effort to fit in with humanity at large -- and for Soap Satyri, this means wearing clothes. While the average person typically does not know the origins of the Satyri, everyone is aware of "the Satyri's" problem with keeping their clothes on.

Many humans actively seek to exploit this aspect of Soap Satyris, for example by giving them permission to attend work or visit a friend in the nude. This is a common enough prank that most new Satyris are warned about it when they are told about their new lives.

Still other Soap Satyris reject the idea of "pandering" to "human bigots" -- either being lax in their efforts to dress themselves or outright refusing to do so. These Soap Satyri have more trouble integrating with human society, although with concentrated effort they too can make a niche for themselves. The individual Soap Satyri's personality determines whether or not they are willing to try; dressing is a huge annoyance for most Soap Satyri, and if they do not decide that keeping humanity happy is worth it, most simply won't bother.

On the other hand, Soap Satyri generally feel right at home in human society. Most Soap Satyri actively seek to avoid the limelight, desperate for their bodies to be overlooked and ignored. While it often takes many years of therapy for a Soap Satyri to overcome the mental and spiritual trauma that their change causes them, by the time they do so they are generally as content with and as successful in their lives as any human.

Soap Satyri Spirituality

Religious people are more likely to react poorly to Satyri presences, and the feeling is mutual -- Religious people instinctively give the Satyri an overly large amount of unwanted attention, something that the Soap Satyri typically shy away from.

Soap Satyri are very specifically not affected spiritually by their change; a religious Human becomes a religious Soap Satyri, although as mentioned above no matter what their original beliefs on modesty, no Soap Satyri has any form of nudity taboo nor urge to wear clothing. The more progressive and accepting their religious community is of this new quirk and their new look, the less awkward the transition is.

Eastern Religions such as Taoism or Buddhism typically lack the "cloven hooves and pitchfork" style demon archtype; Soap Satyri victims are quick to find acceptance in these communities, much like how these religions were quick to adapt to the new, post quantum, world. Most Western religions have adapted as well, although individual Sects and Churches vary wildly. All told, if a Soap Satyri works at it hard enough, they can typically find a religious home that will welcome them with open arms -- although it may not be the Church they were a member of while human.

While Soap Satyri are not affected spiritually by their change, they do have an aura of infernal energy that follows them around throughout life. For the most part, this has no effect whatsoever -- it is a minor aura and as they are in the "center of the storm" they are not directly affected by it. However, any clothing a Soap Satyri does wear tends to become immersed in this energy for as long as they wear it. While this normally has no lasting effect, if a Soap Satyri's clothing is doused with holy water while a Soap Satyri is wearing it the clothing disintegrates, fading away from existence a single piece of clothing at a time.

Holy items and relics otherwise do not affect Soap Satyri whatsoever; this can be somewhat surprising as religious Soap Satyri are all too happy to wear Crosses, Stars of David, et cetera, without any adverse affects, much to the confusion of the more bigoted and ignorant amongst the human population.

Soap Satyri and Super/Pseudo-naturals

Soap Satyri are unique in that they were passively transformed, meaning that they are not, by default, made aware of any supernatural elements of their world. As such, Soap Satyri can remain blissfully unaware of the existence of Succubi and Lillithians.

When they are made aware of their "sisters", Soap Satyri tend to react much the same as any normal human would. True Succubi, for example, ilicit any variant or combination of fear, arousal, curiosity, et cetera. Most are at least a little curious as to any links between True Succubi and their own condition.

True Succubi, for their part, find Soap Satyri to be delightful: Useful tools to hide their own existences with, adorable in their innocent exposure and tittillation of men, annoyingly prudish in everything else. Most True Succubi find it quite satisfying to tease or seduce Soap Satyri when they do encounter them.

Soap Satyri who meet Lillithians are generally put off by their behavior, the "Nude/Lewd/Food" cycle that Lillithians are trapped in does not translate to anything in the average Soap Satyri's experience. Likewise, Lillithians typically find themselves jealous of the Soap Satyri's lack of any cycle. Most Soap Satyri are more than a little concerned that the Lillithian's behavior gives humanity a poor impression of all Satyri, not just Lillithians.

Soap Satyri get along with each other fairly well, although having multiple Soap Satyri in the same area tends to lead to some issues. Simply put, a Soap Satyri can be very convincing to another Soap Satyri about the lack of any need to dress, an "activist" Soap Satyri -- one who does not believe that Soap Satyri should emulate human modesty -- can be very persuasive to other Soap Satyri, often quite literally talking them out of their clothes. This does not generally work the other way around -- a Soap Satyri can remind another Soap Satyri that they should dress, but neither of them can truly feel any urge to do so.

Soap Satyri and Nudity

It's well known (and often joked about) that Soap Satyri have issues remembering to wear clothing after their change, although most people are not aware as to how severe this effect really is. Originally thought to be a quirk of the transformation, it is in reality a form of accidental damage (or malicious modification) to the decision making part of the Satyri brain. This manifests as a complete lack of the ability to associate shame with nudity, or otherwise experience any form of modesty or embarrassment about being nude.

Soap Satyri simply do not -- and can never -- feel any discomfort, awkwardness, or humiliation at being nude. The time and place do not matter -- Soap Satyri feel equally comfortable in the nude around friends or strangers, in private or public, work or home. A Soap Satyri left to her own devices would spend their entire lives in the nude, without feeling the slightest pang of embarrassment (or, it is important to note, excitement) about their nudity.

This is not a form of exhibitionism nor nudism, rather it is an insideous form of brain damage. In Soap Satyri, the part of the brain that handles decision making, the ventromedial frontal lobe, has a form of scarring that utterly prevents the mental connections required for them to feel any form of modesty, shame, or urgency about covering themselves. Worse, as this is a form of permanent brain damage, Soap Satyri can never gain a taboo about being naked; A Soap Satyri that has been transformed for 20 years feels just as comfortable naked as one that was changed that morning.

Soap Satyri do understand that humanity wears clothing, although this knowledge is academic to the Soap Satyri. They understand it as a form of uninteresting trivia; "Humans wear clothing, and often spend a lot of money on clothing." That is the extent of the Soap Satyri's thoughts on the matter without further effort; at no point does the Soap Satyri make a natural connection that they should wear clothing as well.

With additional thought on the matter, a Soap Satyri can be reminded that humans have a taboo about nudity and hangups about their nude bodies. This is a seperate leap of logic than merely grasping that humans wear clothing; all Soap Satyri know that humans wear clothing, but it takes a bit more thought to remember that they do so because they don't want to be nude. However, much like the knowledge of humanity wearing clothing, this is purely an academic understanding -- Soap Satyri never feel any particular urge to cover their nude bodies themselves.

Combining the above, Soap Satyri will typically not dress themselves unless given a good reason to do so -- weather (a coat) or safety (an apron) being the main reasons. Merely being in public or around other people is no excuse for a Satyri to dress -- the thought literally never enters their mind. However, after a certain amount of training they can be reminded that humanity feels uncomfortable with nudity, and that they are expected to dress when being in polite company with humanity.

This does not immediately result in the Soap Satyri dressing on a daily basis; the Soap Satyri may know academically that humanity wears clothing in public (and expect them to do so as well), but merely knowing this does not result in them gaining any particular urge to do so. As a result, Soap Satyri frequently simply forget about clothing until someone else reminds them; their reaction upon doing so will not be shame, but a "d'oh" moment befitting what they see as a very minor faux pas.

Clothing choices can be pragmatic or confused as well -- a Soap Satyri feels no urge to cover themselves, so they do not generally grasp the fundamentals of human fashion. Soap Satyri are just as likely to throw on a long t-shirt or coat (and nothing else) to placate humans as they are to throw on a simple t-shirt and jeans. As they feel no particular urge to hide themselves nor any embarassment about doing so they are likely to pick whatever is most pragmatic for the given situation, and remove it whenever they feel like they are allowed to do so.

This is literally the best a Soap Satyri's friends can hope for -- an academic understanding of modesty and politely wearing clothes when reminded. A Soap Satyri will never actually gain any form of modesty about their bodies nor taboo about being nude, but many can learn to fake it when asked.

Worse, depending on the Satyri's personality they may simply not care enough to bother, or even take offense at being forced to imitate humanity in this way -- they don't feel any embarassment, so why should they fake it for the benefit of humanity? As the number of Satyri grow these so called Satyri "Activists" are not an uncommon sight, particularly in urban areas.

Because this is a form of brain damage, traditional treatments such as therapy cannot work. More modern treatments, such as surgery or magical cures, also fail utterly, as the part of the Soap Satyri's very mind and spirit that would allow them to experience these feelings is simply gone. The fact that this seems to be specifically designed to bypass humanity's free will and any form of treatment is not lost on the more knowledgeable occult researchers who are aware of the phenomena.

It is unknown as to why this modification of the Soap Satyri mind comes into play, although several theories exist:

One popular theory is that whatever demonic essence causes the transformation resides in the Satyri's mind at or around that point during the transformation process, causing the damage. There is some evidence for this theory, mostly magical residue in that part of the brain post-change.

Another popular theory is that this change causes Satyri to inadvertently tempt mankind, increasing the ambient level of lust in the world and making the Succubi's jobs easier. A similar, and more positive theory, is that the Soap Satyri experience a spiritual rebirth as a result of their change, removing the original sin from their spirits; without this original sin they simply do not have the same nudity taboo as other children of Adam.

Still another theory is that the Satyri's appearance heralds the return of other magical races such as Elves, Fae, and Were-creatures, none of which are traditionally viewed as having similar cultural nudity taboos as humanity. The Soap Satyri are simply the heralds for other demi-humans who will be far, far less willing to work around humanity's quirks.

Satyri Fashion

Soap Satyri tend to have a somewhat "pragmatic" feeling towards fashion. They never feel any urge to hide their bodies, so any clothing they do wear is almost always for the benefit of the humans in their lives -- and more specifically, to avoid drawing even more attention to themselves.

Typically a Soap Satyri's choice in clothing is similar to the clothing they wore before they were changed -- masculine or gender neutral casual wear, such as t-shirts and jeans. Despite feminine clothing being significantly more practical for a Soap Satyri's unique body structure, almost no Soap Satyri switches to women's clothing without some outside factor; the most common factor is the advice of a therapist or friend pushing them to do so.

A Soap Satyri's legs and tail make wearing standard lower body clothing difficult. The tail can easily be worked around by avoiding undergarments (the base of the tail is in the way) and cutting slits in pants for the tail to stick through. However the Satyri's legs are significantly longer, and their hooves somewhat wider, than a standard human's leg and foot; any pants a Satyri wishes to wear need to be extra large to accommodate these factors, with the legs needing to be around a third longer than a standard human pair of pants. A far easier solution is to simply cut off the jeans at the knee, wearing them as a form of shorts or capris.

In addition, Soap Satyri must also take into account the unique properties of their flesh. The Satyri "polish" that all Soap Satyri skin is coated in tends to soak into any tight clothing, affecting it much like sweat or grease. Even if this factor is bypassed somehow Satyri skin is more sensitive to the touch and rubber like -- without the polish making their skin slick, Soap Satyri skin rapidly -- and painfully -- chafes when rubbed constantly by tight clothing. Undergarments and tight jeans are the biggest offenders here, Soap Satyri quickly learn to hate these forms of clothing.

To bypass all these problems, clothing designed specifically for Satyris is available, usually online or in specialty boutiques. These clothes have special accommodations for the Satyri's unique body -- they tend to be very light, have pre-designed holes for the Satyri's tail, and have an inner lining to prevent the Satyri's polish from being rubbed off or soaking into the material. However, these clothes are typically so rare and expensive that most Soap Satyri simply make do with modified human clothing instead.

Most Soap Satyri find themselves striking a balance between wearing "proper" human attire versus simply hiding their nudity in some quick and easy fashion. A common workaround to the issues they face is to simply hide their nudity using a long nightshirt or trench coat instead of going through the hassles that human clothing presents; Many Soap Satyri turn to this workaround when they are in a hurry or do not anticipate being in public for very long.

None of this should imply that Soap Satyri do not feel any urges towards fashion or other fashion trends; Soap Satyri do have opinions about their body and how it looks while in clothing, they simply do not feel any particular hangups about being nude nor any urge to wear clothes. Satyri can appreciate attractive clothing, can easily pick out clothes that makes them look good, but feel significantly more comfortable nude than in all but the most specialized of attire.

Outside of clothes, Soap Satyri frequently find some enjoyment in wearing jewelry and other accouterments; many of the underlying urges that would bring a human to wear designer clothing often lead Soap Satyri to wear jewelry instead. This combines quite interestingly with the Soap Satyri's lack of a nudity taboo; a Soap Satyri is just as likely to wear a pendant on a necklace as they are to wear it on a chain hanging off their tail or even a tasteful nipple ring; the Soap Satyri is able to appreciate the beauty in each of these configurations and sees nothing good nor bad about any specific one.

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