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Satan's In Your Kitchen

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Satan's In Your Kitchen
Satan's In Your Kitchen Book Cover, written by Charlotte Zang
Satan's In Your Kitchen Book Cover, written by Charlotte Zang
Author(s) Charlotte Zang
Publisher CreateSpace
Publication date March 28, 2012
Media type Paperback
Length 476 Pages
ISBN 978-1469926490

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Satan's In Your Kitchen is a novel written by Charlotte Zang. In this work various Succubi and Incubi characters appear.


  • Title: Satan's In Your Kitchen
  • Author: Charlotte Zang
  • Published By: CreateSpace
  • Length: 476 Pages
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-10: 1469926490
  • ISBN-13: 978-1469926490
  • Publishing Date: March 28, 2012

Plot Summary

A century old bargain. A humble carpenter. A successful artist. And Satan. Lucifer falls in love; again and with equally apocalyptic phenomena. In an ordinary house in an ordinary town is a not so ordinary door. Inside the house lives a young artist whose views on her world are just a bit strange. Strange enough that she finds a friendship with Satan, along with the comings and goings of demons, to be no cause for concern.

Lucifer’s intentions reach far beyond friendship though. Add in a hardworking carpenter with good intent and morals who will traverse the depths of Hell to find his love and bring her back to the surface; without looking back. Amidst the peril of this devil of an un-requited love affair, we find rampaging Gluttony, a deceptively cute man-eating demon, incubus in rock bands, succubus and the Devil himself attending a bachelor party, a wedding, and an over abundance of lust. So the question is: can a mere man ever compare to the Lord of the Underworld?

Book Review

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