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Salilus, Demon of Incubus

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Salilus, Demon of Incubus
Series In Nomie
Created by Eric Alfred Burns
Game information
Gender Male
Race Balseraph
Age Appears to be in mid-20s in age
Title Balseraph of Lust, Knight of Infernal Pleasures
Alias Doctor Sol Lucias
Setting In Nomie

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

Salilus, Demon of Incubus, is a character designed to be used in the In Nomie role playing game created by Steve Jackson Games. The character was originally created by Eric Alfred Burns.

Character Statistics

  • Name: Salilus, Demon of Incubus
  • Title: Balseraph of Lust, Knight of Infernal Pleasures
Character Base Stats
Corporeal Forces 4 Strength 6 Agility 10
Ethereal Forces 5 Intelligence 12 Precision 8
Celestial Forces 4 Will 10 Perception 6
  • Word Forces: 6


Older Male Psychiatrist and Psychologist/5 (Charisma+3); 21 year old man/2 (Charisma +3); Late teens girl/1 (Charisma +3); Grey Cat/1 (Charisma +3).


Doctor Sol Lucias (Status 5)


Affinity (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/6, Celestial/1); Attraction (Ethereal/3, Celestial/4); Blood (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/2, Celestial/4); Charm (Ethereal/2, Celestial/2); Dreams (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/3, Celestial/2); Empathy (Corporeal/3); Sensation (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/3); Shields (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/3, Celestial/3); Sleep (Ethereal/4).


Acrobatics/4; Artistry/3; Chemistry /4; Climbing/2; Dodge/2; Emote/6; Fast-Talk/3; Knowledge (Psychology)/6; Knowledge (Dream Interpretation)/4; Lockpicking/4; Medicine/4; Move Silently/3; Savoir-Faire/3; Seduction/6; Small Weapon/3.


Balseraph of Lust, Balseraph of Factions, Djinn of Lust, Dark Desire, Kiss of Death, Breath of Slumber, Passage, Knight of Infernal Pleasures, Knight of Deception, Awakened Dream

Special Rites

Salilus receives essence when one of his nocturnal victims remembers his or her 'dream' the next day with desire.

Servitor Attunement

Awakened Dream: Salilus can grant this Attunement to his Servitors (or others, theoretically) as well as use it himself. With this Attunement, Salilus can wake a victim up, but convince her she remains asleep -- and whatever they do is 'just a dream.' This, coupled with Dark Desire and his Balseraph resonance, is a powerful tool to push mortals into Lust, often with feelings of humiliation to go with it.

Character Information

Salilus began as a Seraph of War, created in the early days of Rome and favored of Michael, who sent the Servitor to Earth to ply his trade and promote Heavenly works and ideals among the Legions. He was an effective warrior and dedicated Servitor who did not let personal concerns get in the way of promoting his Superior's Word and will.

This changed, naturally, and the change was rooted in a woman. Specifically, in Jeqon, a Servitor of Lust who had recently adopted a female vessel. Jeqon was helping the degradation and fall of Rome as many of Andrealphus's Servitors were, by turning the ideals of the Roman State into jokes fueled by the latest self-pleasurable debauch. It was in such a debauch that Jeqon seduced Salilus, turning his own head to pleasure and filling him with lies. After all, he had served in Rome throughout its existence. He was bold and brave, wasn't he? Why should Salilus deny himself the pleasure and ambition due his station. Certainly Michael did -- was that not true?

Salilus was seduced -- seduced in body and in spirit. He began questioning the wisdom of Michael and the other Archangels. He grew addicted to the pleasures of the flesh. When confronted with his sins, he denied them, the dissonance burning within him but in its own way reflecting the burning he felt with Jeqon in the night. His Lustful Discord grew, and with it a driving need to hide within it -- so long as he was hidden, he could continue to enjoy the pleasures of Jeqon.

Jeqon held Salilus as he Fell. She cradled the new Balseraph and told him he would be much happier now. And she lifted him up and led him to Hell, and introduced him to Andrealphus.

Some centuries later, Salilus managed to please Andrealphus and his entourage enough to be returned to Earth. During that time he had been subjected to every kind of sexual degradation possible and some he would not have believed, before. He had been humiliated and beaten, and taught to beg for more. His Balseraph's pride would not let him believe he was so low. Instead, he fixated on the demon who had seduced him with lies and dropped him in the pit. So, while he served Andrealphus's Word well, he kept his eyes and ears open, looking for some sign of Jeqon. When he found her, he discovered she had been given a Word and considerable power and latitude, as the Demon of the Succubi. He knew that her rise in power and importance had begun with her Knighthood, and knew in turn she gained that Knighthood from his own Fall, and that infuriated him. He decided to destroy her. In typical Balseraph fashion, he began trying to do so by serving her. After a particularly successful mission, Andrealphus agreed to assign Salilus to Jeqon, and he became a Succubus.

For ten years, Salilus served Jeqon very well as a Succubus. He promoted her Word and through it Andrealphus's. As a faithful Servitor, he was granted Jeqon's Servitor Attunement and Rites, and used them well. However, he also made contacts and friends elsewhere, including a number of Free Lilim. Very quietly, and very much on the side, he began to do service for Lilith herself. Lilith could use the services of a skilled Succubus, of course -- and it's known that they set their goals beforehand, not after. In the end, however, it worked out as Salilus planned. Lilith agreed to sponsor Salilus with the complimentary Word of Incubus, to Jeqon's Succubi.

Andrealphus was surprised, but not particularly displeased. Salilus had been a good Servitor of Lust, and Lilith acted as an Ally to the Prince of Lust. And after all, he didn't have to directly seem to undercut a faithful Servitor, but he would still get a potentially powerful Word added to those under him. He endorsed Lilith's sponsorship tacitly, and clearly Lucifer agreed. Salilus was now the Demon of Incubus.

Salilus immediately began to work against Jeqon, using his Word's connotations to taint her own. Rather than emphasize the allure of the Incubi (which would have also strengthened Succubi), Salilus began emphasizing the horror of them, and through them the horror of sexuality one felt compelled to act out. He began training his own Incubi, and raised his Word Forces to match or exceed Jeqon's, all the while using her own Servitor Attunement and Rites to weaken her Word. During daylight hours, Salilus worked to help repress sexuality, heightening its forbidden appeal, and was especially effective in England. Effective enough that he was granted a Knighthood of his own, though at that time he had seduced no Angels. During this time, he often targeted couples, seducing one in his or her sleep and evocing those dreams when awake, to emphasize a real or perceived emotional seperation between the two. He was effective enough at this role to receive a Knight's distinction from Malphas.

Jeqon rallied back, however -- using her take on the legends to reemphasize the hidden, forbiddon appeal of the Succubi, as well as adapting to the Media faster than Salilus possibly could. Soon, even the word Incubus had been stripped down and nearly destroyed -- dismissed as "a male Succubus." And ultimately, Salilus had to begin acting the role Jeqon had set forth, to strengthen his Word against fading entirely.

Salilus today is quite weak, his Word insignificant compared to his rival's. He has lost the ability to support two Word-related Attunements and Rites. He has taken a risk by eliminating his old personal Word-power (the ability to see into the erotic dreams of a victim from the outside while she was having them) in lieu of continuing to support his Servitor Attunment. His one hope of regaining his place and exceeding Jeqon is to continue to have Incubi of his own to work against her. Even that is faltering, as more and more turn to her Service. He remains largely hidden, safe in the Role of a Dream Psychologist and counselor. He works mostly with younger women and girls, especially those with irrational fears he can exploit and turn towards sexuality. By shifting vessels, he can then visit them nocturnally and enact their nightmares (and dreams) with them, pushing them towards both humiliation and continued Lust. He is still tacitly approved of by Andrealphus, though the Prince of Lust can see Jeqon's clear advantage in their conflict, and will not intercede to protect his less powerful and effective Servitor.

Designer's Notes

Salilus is a Word-Bound in decline, his Word weakening. He has sacrificed a good amount of his own, personal power to maintain a stronger connection to his Word (and hopefully reverse his fortunes), but is growing increasingly desperate. He would be willing to take on new Servitors and would likely be indiscriminate with his Awakened Dream attunement and rites, in return for favors that would strengthen the Word of Incubus.

Additional Notes

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