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Saint Sinner

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Saint Sinner
Saint Sinner DVD Box Cover
Saint Sinner DVD Box Cover
Directed by Joshua Butler
Produced by Clive Barker
Oscar L. Costo
Joe Daley
Written by Clive Barker
Screenplay by Hans Rodionoff
Doris Egan
Starring Greg Serano
Gina Ravera
Mary Mara
Rebecca Harrell
William B. Davis
Antonio Cupo
Music by Christopher Lennertz
Cinematography Barry Donlevy
Editing by Sean Albertson
Studio Seraphim Films
Distributed by Universal Video
Release date(s) October 26, 2002
Running time 90 Minutes
Country USA
Language English
Budget $3,900,000 (Estimated)

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Saint Sinner (full title Clive Barker Presents Saint Sinner) is a 2002 horror TV-movie written by Doris Egan and Hans Rodionoff based on a short story by executive producer Clive Barker. The film was directed by Joshua Butler. Aside from the title, it is unrelated to the Saint Sinner comic-book series published by Marvel Comics' Razorline imprint and created by Barker. In this movie, an immortal monk hunts down two succubi. It premiered on the American Sci Fi Channel on October 26, 2002.[1]

Saint Sinner TV Ad Copy


  • Title: Saint Sinner
  • Director: Joshua Butler
  • Writer: Clive Barker (Story), Doris Egan (Teleplay) and Hans Rodionoff (Teleplay)
  • Studio: Seraphim Films
  • Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi
  • Release Date: October 26, 2002
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13 - Sexual Content and Language
  • Runtime: 90 Minutes
  • Tagline: The Flesh Is Weak.


Actor / Actress Role
Greg Serano Tomas Alcala
Gina Ravera Det. Rachel Dressler
Mary Mara Munkar
Rebecca Harrell Nakir
William B. Davis Father Michael
Antonio Cupo Brother Gregory
Jay Brazeau Abbot
Simon Wong Wade
Boyan Vukelic Playland Guard
Brian Drummond Officer #1
Peter Bryant Officer #2
Lisa Dahling Officer #3
Kris Pope BrotherRafael
Robin Mossley Clark
Donna Yamamoto Irate Mother
Justine Wong Little Girl
David Thomson Vince
Linda Darlow Sister Stephen
Art Hindle Morgan Rand
Colin Lawrence Steve

Plot Summary

In 1815 California, Father Michael, an emissary of Pope Pius VII, has traveled to meet with novice monk Brother Tomas. The young monk's order serves as the secret repository for evil, supernatural objects collected by the Church, and kept there for safekeeping. Michael delivers an ancient statue that has trapped two beautiful female demons, Munkar and Nakir. Tomas and his friend Brother Gregory inadvertently release the murderous demons, who travel to the 21st century using the monastery's Wheel of Time. To redeem himself, Tomas pursues them to present-day Seattle, Washington, where he allies with police detective Rachel Dressler to recapture the homicidal terrors.

Critical Review

The following review is from Horror.com.

  • Reviewed By: stacilayne on December 5, 2004
  • Rating: 1.9/5

Also known as Clive Barker’s Saint Sinner, this movie was originally produced for the Sci-Fi Channel and has seen a DVD run in the past year. Of course, the studios are famous for releasing several different versions of the same film, hoping to either snag someone who hasn’t seen the movie or to get loyal fans to buy the same movie twice.

This DVD version of Saint Sinner has new commentary by Clive Barker and is unrated, showing scenes that were too racy for TV. Despite the addition of more boobs and blood, Saint Sinner is not any better; to paraphrase its tagline — The Flesh Is Weak — the movie is essentially weak.

It’s got some things going for it. The plot, based on a story by Clive Barker, has an interesting premise: In 1815 a monk named Tomas Alcala (Greg Serano) unintentionally unleashes two demonic female succubi upon an unsuspecting 21st century. Tomas is chosen by God to journey through the centuries and put the kibosh on the demons’ deadly shenanigans (why God would choose him, when he’s the screw-up who caused the whole fiasco in the first place, is not explained).

Meanwhile, the succubi sisters, Munkar (Mary Mara) and Nakir (Rebecca Harrell), are having a good old time, slinking around, sexing it up, and the sucking the life-forces out of anyone who will stand still long enough. Corny special effects and over-the-top dialogue are a big part of these little outings, and the girls run unchecked until Brother Tomas catches up with them.

Tomas finds more than trouble when Detective Rachel Dressler (Gina Ravera) goes after him, making Tomas the prime suspect in the series of gruesome murders the succubi are actually responsible for. Needless to say, Tomas protests his innocence and proves to the cop that supernatural forces are at work — they decide that two heads are better than one (especially one that’s severed) and team up to stop the evil imps.

While Saint Sinner is a fairly weak film when compared with Clive Barker’s usual standard of work, it is somewhat above-average in comparison to more of the Sci-Fi Channel’s original productions. If you like time travel, gratuitous sex and violence, and religious themes, then Saint Sinner might be worth the price of a rental. Buy it only if you’re a fan of Barker and would like to listen to his over-the-movie commentary — he’s always a source of enlightenment and fascination, no matter what he’s talking about.


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