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Tera and Rachel by DarkShadow
Name Rachel
Title(s) Tera's Little Sister
Princess of the Realm
AngelKitty Sarah
Age mid-20s
Gender Female
Hair Colour Raven
Eye Colour Green
Tail Colour Blue
Personality Bit shy, very compassionate, loves her family deeply
Strength(s) Very good at reading emotions, loves to help anyway she can
Weakness(es) Daydreams
Favorite Place Watching anime, snuggling with her Sis
Home in the Realm Has an apartment in Tera's Home
Alias The Snuggler
Created By SilverKat
Quote Hugz ish good

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Rachel, known as Tera's Little Sister, is a Collective Succubi, and is one of the Realm’s Princesses. She is a blue-tailed succubi; her AngelKitty is named Sarah. Rachel is one of Tera’s few Sisters that can trace a direct family connection to her. While not having the same mother as Tera, Rachel does appear to be physically very much like Tera.

Physical Description

Rachel is a young member of the Succubi who appears to be in her middle-to-late-twenties. She is a blue tailed succubi and is slightly shorter than her Sister Tera. Her normal scent is chocolate and it is quite prevalent when she teleports. Rachel has dark raven hair, like her older Sister Tera, but instead of being somewhat curled, it is mainly straight and reaches to her waist. She has green eyes that shine amazingly when she is happy and smiles.

Rachel is slightly curvy in her body shape but tends not to dress too provocatively, and her taste in style is a mix of casual and practical. Rachel loves green and will normally only wear clothing of that colour. She tends to like long dresses and mid-height heels, particularly open toe heels, the strappier the better. Occasionally, if she really has to, Rachel will dress up, but she doesn't like to draw attention to herself, being slightly self-concious. She is just as happy to be seen in a fuzzy sweater and blue jeans, holding her AngelKitty Sarah and having fun with her family.


Rachel is very shy and tends to lurk in the background, watching her Sister Tera who she thinks very highly of. She is a bit introverted in nature, sometimes having a hard time seeing the good within herself and always being worried that she might do something wrong, or somehow hurt her family. Her one real worry is disappointing Tera, even though her Sister has told her, very often, that could never happen.

Rachel thinks that she needs to be like her Sister more, but again, Tera has explained that the only thing she needs to be is herself. Nonetheless, sometimes, the fears do bother Rachel and sometimes she needs reassurance from her older Sister, which is always freely given.

Rachel’s devotion to her Sister, Tera, is unquestionable and beyond reproach. If there is one certainty within Rachel, it is that Tera loves her without reservation and always will. Being a blue tailed Succubi, Rachel knows this one thing unquestionably and nothing can shake that devotion within her.

Rachel has a lovely laugh and smile, and when she is happy, there is a glow around her that is unmistakable. She does not make friends easily, as her shyness tends to get in her way, but, once she gets comfortable with someone, she devotes herself to her friends as much as she does her own family. Rachel does have some mood swings on occasion, when her own fears bubble up and intrude on her usually warm personality. However the lows are not for long and when they are past, she rejoices in the love of her Sister Tera and her family always.

In short, Rachel is a complex and unique individual in the Realm for many reasons, but the one single part of her personality that never changes is her devotion to her family, being a blue-tail.

Powers and Abilities

Rachel's powers include many of those that those in the Realm have with some special aspects. She has the ability to read the minds of others, but she rarely uses this ability, preferring to, if a bit shyly, meet them and get to know them otherwise. If given permission to do so, Rachel normally only looks at surface thoughts with her powers. She has the power to alter her form, like all succubi and incubi do, though she tends not to use that power choosing, like her older Sister Tera, to be happy with who she is first. Rachel can teleport in a similar fashion to Tera, though Rachel’s scent when she does so is that of chocolate.

Rachel has a bit of a green thumb, and has a special affinity with the Realm's Gardens, where her inherent abilities are clearly seen in how well the Gardens flourish. Tera has offered Rachel, should she want to, the Gardens as her own, but Rachel has not made up her mind about that. She has the ability to touch plant life and know how to make it flourish, the knowledge just simply appearing her mind easily. Given some preparations, Rachel can shape plant life with her own aura and energies, but this does tend to drain her in a relatively short period of time.

While having the ability to “read” the auras of others and know how dominant or submissive they are, she does not have much interest in that particular ability. She does have the ability, like her Sister Tera, to form collars from her own energies which give her control over others, both mentally and physically, the collars usually being blue in colour. Rachel does not particularly like this ability and does not practise it very often.


Rachel is one of Tera’s few Sisters that can trace a direct family connection to her. While not having the same mother as Tera, Rachel does appear to be physically very much like Tera and as such the family resemblance is very clear. To some, Rachel appears to look very similar to Tera when she was in her twenties, and this does, on occasion, tend to cause Rachel to want to be more like her older Sister, though Tera has explained to Rachel that she should be herself, be proud of who she is, and her own history.

Rachel’s mother is one of the Grand Duchesses of the Realm, who presided over the vast forests to the north of the Palace of the Realm and is one of Tera’s adored Aunts. Her father is well known as the Chief Architect of the Realm and is also one of Tera’s Uncles as well.

Rachel herself, though she is quite embarrassed by the title, is known formally as a Princess of the Realm, but she tends not to go for all of the pomp and ceremony that goes along with the title of Princess, being far more happy with being Tera’s Little Sister.

Tera calls Rachel her Little Sister, and as such she has an apartment in Tera’s home which she has filled with a vast collection of Pokemon plushies, several walls being covered with shelves of them.

Rachel met Tera as Tera, not as the Queen of the Realm, but one sunny Spring day in the Realm when she bumped into Tera and the two of them hit it off instantly. It was with some shock when Tera called Rachel her Little Sister, and for quite some time Rachel was unaware that Tera was the Queen, only seeing her as her Big Sister, the two of them being extremely close and happy when they are together.

Rachel cherishes a picture taken on the day she met Tera, which shows Tera beeping Rachel on her nose and making her giggle, which she loves and reminds Rachel of the events of the day she met her Big Sister. To this day, that picture is on both of Rachel and Tera’s nightstands in their bedrooms.

It wasn’t until much later when Rachel was summoned to the Palace, by a silver card, given to her by her mother, that Rachel realized that Tera was the Queen of their Realm. After seeing Tera in her role as Queen and realizing that Tera didn't change who she was for being so, Rachel accepted her place as one of the Realm’s Princesses.

Following this, Tera asked Rachel what she might like to do in the Realm and having thought about this for a time, she asked to be involved in a similar role to her Mother, who presided over the forests to the north of the Palace of the Realm. After some consideration, Rachel became involved with the Royal Gardens, being given oversight of the Special Collection that are housed there.

Rachel continues to learn about her abilities and over time she has been given more responsibilities in the Royal Gardens with the eventual goal of Tera's that she become the Governess.


Rachel’s TailSelf has not made themselves known as yet, the reason for this is unclear at this time. Tera is not concerned about this, knowing that when the time is right, like it was when Rachel’s AngelKitty appeared, they will do so.


Rachel and her AngelKitty Sarah by DarkShadow

Rachel’s AngelKitty is named Sarah. In her AngelKitty form Sarah is a small yellow kitten with white wings who usually can be found close to Rachel, most of the time being hugged tightly by her. Sarah is very protective of Rachel and tends to know who can be trusted, or not, on sight. She is rarely seen in her human form, but when she is, appears to be about the same age as Rachel, having blonde hair, an athletic body shape and tending to be more adventurous than Rachel is. This does, on occasion, mean that Sarah tries to pull Rachel into the occasional adventure, sometimes leading to having the two of them put into some awkward situations which Sarah loves, but Rachel is a bit miffed over.

Rachel met Sarah soon after gaining her tail and horns when she was walking through the Realm and was passing the Great Fountain. Rounding a corner, Rachel didn't see a group of AngelKitties stampeding from the other side and soon found herself in the midst of what could be called an AngelKitty tornado. After it had rushed by, Rachel looked up when she heard a loud mew and Sarah fell from the sky, landing in Rachel's surprised arms. They were inseparable after that first encounter.

Sarah's personal favourite treat are KitKat chocolate bars, though she has never revealed why exactly that is. She dislikes anchovies on her pizza, like most AngelKitties, but does like extra mushrooms and peppers on her pizza. Sarah does tend to overeat a bit, meaning there are few leftovers when she is around.

Sarah's favorite place to nap is on Rachel's right shoulder, usually laying upside-down and snoring, quite loudly at times, which embarrasses Rachel on occasion. She is Rachel's confidant, helper, fashion advisor, and, when Tera isn't around, reminds Rachel often that she's a wonderful Sister and Tera loves her dearly.

Sarah loves tending to the Realm Gardens as much as Rachel does, which means, on occasion, she can be seen flittering about with a watering can, rake, or other garden tool helping out as best she can.


  • Has a "thing" for plushies, especially Pokemon
  • Loves anime, video games and watching movies
  • Loves the colour green
  • Enjoys gardening and especially looking after the Special Collection within the Realm Gardens


  • Rachel loves AngelKitties and the Realm's Hellhounds
  • Loves hot chocolate, especially with marshmallows in it
  • Adores snow to the bemusement of her older sister Tera
  • Sometimes gets distracted in plucking lint off her sweaters

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