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Perfume of Succubus Allure/Cologne of Incubus Allure

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Perfume of Succubus Allure
Cologne of Incubus Allure
Game background
Type Potion
Effects Transformational
Source Shami-Amourae
Cost To Buy 1,000 GP for bottle plus special items and tasks to be completed
Cost To Sell Unknown
Design details
Settings All Settings

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

Perfume of Succubus Allure / Cologne of Incubus Allure is an special item to be used in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game.


These items appear as a clear perfume. They have a very subtle and attractive aroma, based partially on normal humanoid pheromones. The fragrances are kept inside a spray bottle, carved of jade. The bottle itself has no special properties, and is usually large enough to contain five doses.


The fragrances were first conceived by the tiefling Sincarna Heartbane, a priestess of lust and servant of Shami-Amourae, “The Lady of Delights” and Queen of the Succubi. Sincarna preferred slow and sensual seduction of her victims, believing this would make them more lustful when they were taken. One was sacrificed to Shami on every full moon at the stroke of midnight. Sincarna would drug them, then take sexual pleasure from her victim until midnight. A ceremonial knife was driven into their heart at the height of orgasm, trapping them in perpetual sexual heat as Shami-Amorae took their souls as her own.

Sincarna felt that she would soon be discovered, and wished to ensure herself ample protection. She first created the perfume as a means of charming her victims, intoxicating them with amplified pheromones. Later, she was granted the ability to enchant the fragrance by bringing herself to orgasm and using her own sexual fluids. At least three bottles of the Perfume were made before Sincarna was claimed by the dark powers of Ravenloft and transformed into a Ghast (she had the habit of cannibalizing her victims). Shami-Amourae shunned her afterwards, refusing to grant power to such a hideous-looking creature.

It is believed that Shami-Amourae herself crafted the Cologne, basing the design on Sincarna’s perfume and using a servant incubus to provide the components. Several of her most trusted priests and priestesses are known to possess a bottle themselves.

Creation of Item

Creating the fragrances requires the following:

  • The creator must be a servant of Shami-Amourae (or equivalent deity of lust), and at least 9th level (cleric or magic user class)
  • A jade perfume bottle, costing at least 1,000 GP
  • Feat: Craft Wondrous Item
  • Charm Person
  • The sexual fluid of a Succubus (for the Perfume) or Incubus (for the Cologne), given freely at the height of orgasm


The fragrances are sprayed onto bare skin. An unwilling victim receives a Will save (15) to resist the effects; a willing recipient receives no save. The fragrance has the following effects:

  • The character’s Charisma temporarily rises to 20, with all associated benefits and bonuses (+ 5). Scars disappear, figures become irresistibly perfect, and sexual sensitivity and performance are heightened.
  • The character gains the ability to Charm Person once. Treat the spell level as if cast by a 3 + 1d6th level Sorcerer.
  • The character feels the need to find a partner and engage in sexual pleasure.
  • Alignment shifts temporarily to Neutral (shifting right).

These effects last for one hour per level of the creator of the fragrance. At the end of the duration, the user must make a Will save (difficulty 15). Failure indicates addiction to the fragrance, and the subject must now use it at least once per day or suffer one Hit Die of damage. The addiction can be overcome by casting Remove Curse. The caster must be of a level equal to or greater than the fragrance’s creator. Once a subject begins using the fragrance to satisfy their addiction, the real nature of the fragrances becomes apparent. Every time an addicted subject uses the fragrance, they must pass a Fortitude save (difficulty begins at 15, increasing by 1 for every successive application). Failure creates the following effects:

  • All the above effects are now permanent
  • The character gains the ability to Charm Person at will, as a 12th level Sorcerer
  • Their alignment switches permanently to Chaotic Evil
  • The character must seek sexual pleasure by any means, or suffer one Hit Die of damage each day they abstain

Once this state has occurred, the character’s fate is sealed. The next time they achieve orgasm with a partner, the user will be permanently polymorphed into an incubus (if male) or a succubus (if female). The character type changes to Outsider. The newborn demon will take the life force of their partner as their first meal, fueling their new powers and completing their transformation. Shami-Amourae will immediately contact the Tanar’ri by means of mental telepathy, enslaving it to her will.

  • If the character was 0 level, the new Tanar’ri will have a challenge rating of 9, plus 1 for every four levels of the fragrance creator. If they had a class, they retain all former levels; add their Challenge rating to their current levels.
  • If the character was a Cleric, they are immediately made a priest/priestess of Shami-Amourae, and granted power equal to their former state. Succubi/Incubi created in this manner are born knowing how to create the fragrances. Clerics of Shami-Amourae cannot turn undead; rather, they can turn celestial beings as though they were equivalent level undead.
  • Nothing short of a Wish (if the creator was Shami-Amourae) or Miracle (if anyone else created the fragrance) spell can restore the character to their original life.


Before her fall from “grace,” Sincarna had planned to smuggle the fragrances into various herbalist shops around the planes. Her original goal was to use the perfume on the shop owners, then allow her sister Succubi to distribute the perfume by normal business means. The current location of the Perfumes and Colognes are unknown, though any town with loose morals is suspect.

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