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Of Hair and Horrors

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Of Hair and Horrors
Of Hair and Horrors - Cover
Author Porcelain Rose
aka Si-Chan
Website Smackjeeves.com
Current status / schedule Abandoned
Launch date January 23, 2010
End date May 18, 2010
Publisher Smackjeeves.com
Genre(s) Fantasy
Real Life
Rating(s) PG-13

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Of Hair and Horrors was a very short lived webcomic hosted on Smackjeeves.com created by the artist Porcelain Rose, also known as Si-Chan on DeviantArt. The series started on January 23, 2010 and the last update occurred on May 18, 2010. It told the story of a hair salon for mythical creatures that was owned by a pair of succubi sisters and a human that they hired to work for them called Elijah.

Because the series was so short lived, only four strips in total including the splash page, the succubi themselves did not actually appear in the webcomic itself save for the splash page where they both appear. Rose also appears in the artist's DeviantArt site in a pin-up pose.

Series Information

  • Title: Of Hair and Horrors
  • Creator and Artist: Porcelain Rose aka Si-Chan
  • Began: January 23, 2010
  • Ended: May 18, 2010
  • Status: Abandoned
  • Rating: PG-13

Plot Summary

Elijah Monroe is unemployed and looking for a simple job to get through college and pay his rent. So he applies to be the hair sweep at an apparently small-time beauty salon called Devil's Den in a secluded, relatively unknown area of town. All seems well until when he gets there, he finds out the shop is a beauty salon for mythical creatures run by two crazy succubus sisters, Rose and Lily.

Now the staff at Devil's Den must all learn to look past their personal feelings in order to open their minds to each other and continue running the salon.

Of course...that's not going to be so easy...


  • Elijah Monroe: A 22 year old human college student just looking for a job to pay his half of the rent before his overenthusiatic roommate, Bernard, kicks him out. An uptight, high-strung kind of guy that doesn't make friends easily. Most people who meet him find him to be arrogant, nerdy, and mean. But he's just a bit awkward and has a habit of taking things way too seriously. People who aren't close to him rarely see him smile. Maybe working at Devil's Den as their part-time janitor will lighten him up a bit.
  • Lucius: An effeminate young man from France who was turned into a vampire 100 years ago. He's much like Rose in that he is outgoing and enjoys a good time. However, Lucius is much more level-headed than Rose and he's actually the voice of reason of the salon. Unfortunately, he is also very mean-spirited and loves to poke fun at people. As a turned-vampire, he understands Elijah and is less hostile toward him, but he is undoubtedly out-of-touch with the human world. He loves to act like the stereotypical gay guy working at the salon though he's actually asexual and has no interest in dating. Lucius is the salon's manicurist.
  • Calypso: A 20 year old siren working at the salon temporarily. She's conceited and proud who likes to keep herself primped and perfect. In fact, its an obsession as she hates getting messy, which lends to her compulsion to constantly wash her hands and groom herself. Her snobbish attitude keeps the others at the salon from getting close to her, but she's not the spoiled princess she pretends to be. As a siren, Calypso loves music and can often be found flaking at work, listening to music instead of managing the salon's spa like she's supposed to be. Along with working the salon's spa area, Calypso is the third hair stylist though she often serves as backup.
  • Maggy: An old troll that's been around for over 1,000 years. She's a grumpy, prejudiced old woman who is wary of almost every race that isn't her own. Though she's often the butt of many jokes at the salon, no one dares to say it to her face. Maggy is vindictive and will readily go out of her way to sabotage people she doesn't like. But once she warms up to someone, she shows her softer side and is extremely caring and protective, behaving more like a grandmother than an evil ghoul. That's why almost everyone at the salon views her as a grandmother. She does a little bit of everything, but mainly works as the salon's pedicurist.
  • Ariel: A toughened, cynical fallen angel who hates anything human or "holy". She was once an angel living in Elysion, so everyone is unsure of her exact age. However, she was banished from God's grace because she disobeyed an order from him. Ariel says he asked her to kill a child...but no one is sure if that's the truth. She has a very bad temper and a tendency to become violent when angered. She often goes out on trips around Asphodel to advertise for the salon, but when she's home, she works as both security and the bartender.
  • Tabatha Rockwell and Cat: She's a 21 year old girl who was sent to Asphodel by her witch mother to study witchcraft at one of the top witching schools. Like Elijah, she's working at the salon to pay her bills and tuition. A vivacious and intelligent young woman, Tabatha leaves no stone unturned when she's trying to discover something new. She often considers herself more of a scientist than a magic practitioner. Tabatha can seem a bit dorky sometimes, but she has a mischievous side that helps her to fit right in with the others of the salon. She is the colorist and cosmetician of the salon. And her pet, named Cat, is an intelligent, flying, cat-like creature that can barely talk. She assists Tabatha in her studies and experiments and sometimes helps around the salon by working the register.
  • Evangeline: No one knows where this mischievous, devious little spirit came from. She manifested a few years ago as objects moving on their own before she took on a definite form of a little girl. The employees of Devil's Den simply accepted her haunting and gave her her name. She's young-minded and playful, causing trouble and chaos whenever and where ever she sees fit. Evangeline doesn't appear to possess too many negative emotions, but she can act like a crybaby when she doesn't get what she wants. Until her true nature is discovered, Evangeline sometimes helps out as a masseuse...but she doesn't actually work very often...
  • Bernard "Bernie" Sanford: A goofy, perverted 25 year old human man who lives with Elijah as his roommate and functional landlord. He's a friendly man and is one of the only people who can put up with Elijah's serious nature. In a way, he's Elijah's best friend. Bernard enjoys conspiracy theories and is a firm believer of the supernatural. He doesn't work at the salon and he doesn't really tell anyone where he works, but Elijah suspects that Bernard works at Blaire's, a little mall boutique that sells accessories for little girls.
  • Mischa: The nekomata who owns the rival salon cheesily named, "Club Wicked". She is extremely loud and obnoxious, both in personality and in her fashion sense, and will do anything to succeed. This leads to a lot of confrontations between the two salons, as Mischa always wants to be the one on top. Although often perceived negatively by the employees of Devil's Den, Mischa's determination and passion for her work is an inspiration to those who know her more intimately.
  • Jacklyn Belle: A shy young woman who is friends with Elijah and Bernard. She knows Bernard from high school, but develops a crush on Elijah when she meets him in class one day. Jacklyn gets flustered easily, and is often intimidated by Elijah's constant stern expression. She has some stalker tendencies, and likes to watch Elijah from afar whenever she thinks its too inappropriate to speak to him directly.

Succubus Characters

  • Rose: The elder succubus sister who runs the Devil's Den Hair Salon. Though she's 500 years old, she appears between 20-25 years old, and acts like it too. She's a fun-loving party girl, the epitome of indulgence. If there's something she wants to do, she'll do it. Very open and trusting, Rose is a bit quirky for a ghoul and sometimes this demeanor clashes with that of those around her. But what she lacks in self restraint she makes up for in love and loyalty for her salon and her friends. She is the head hair stylist and manages the entire salon.
  • Lily: The younger succubus sister who helps run the Devil's Den Hair Salon. She's only 375 years old and she's already more experienced in the art of seduction than her sister. Even though she stays quiet most of the time, she's a ghoul through and through and has no problem with just being downright mean to people she dislikes. Her preteen appearance causes people to underestimate her and her dedication to the salon. Lily is a hair stylist at the salon and co-manages it with her sister Rose.


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