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Game background
Title(s) Goddess of Deception
Home plane Material Plane
Power level Intermediate Deity
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Beauty, Fame, Lies, Trickery and Deception
Domains None
Superior Malcanthet
Design details
First appearance D&D Wiki
Settings All Dungeons and Dragons settings
Mythological Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Norilil is a succubus deity in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game created by the D&D Wiki user Logan. She is an intermediate deity who exists on the Material Plane and is Lawfully Evil aligned. Her focus is creating strife and conflict through the use of her powers of deception.

Physical Description

Norilil is described as a beautiful succubus with distinct scars: one running down her left eye, another across the top right corner of her nose to the bottom left corner of her nose and the last one lays across the right part of her lips. Normally she uses her abilities to hide her true nature to ensnare others to do her will. When seen in her true form, she has all of the standard features of a Succubus including horns, wings and tail.


Norilil loves to mislead and dupe others, her particular focus being on those that are beautiful and/or famous. She expects her followers to follow her example and act with pure evil trickery. A particular quirk is that she loves to see her followers dress and impersonate her, which most do. She finds this an ugly and hilarious comparison to what she believes is her beautiful true self in spite of the scars she carries.

Clergy and Temples

Most of Norilil's followers are Bards and Rogues who love her terribly sadistic story. Other Followers include Gnomes, Elves, a few Humans, and evil women with no real mortal compass to guide their actions.


Norilil's history is unclear and for the most part what is known is based on stories and hearsay that have been collected over time about her. One of the most accepted stories in that she once was the wife of a very powerful and well liked king. As time went on she slowly corrupted him into doing her bidding, but also made sure that the people of the kingdom thought that all of the decisions made were the King's idea. This made her seem like an innocent victim in the relationship. When the kingdom's economy started to fail, the response from the masses was to kill the King and this opened a path for Norilil to become the new Queen.

With the king dead, Norilil took over the throne and using her powers to influence others she brought the economy back to its former state. In doing so she gained the respect of the masses and they could not see her do any wrongs. As this went on, she secretly visited the surrounding lands and bent the wills of their leaders to do her bidding. She convinced the rulers that attacking Norilil's lands would be an easy victory, but in truth her forces were stronger than expected. With each victory, Norilil's lands expanded, her control grew and her power base expanded. When her lands covered a continent, she turned her attention towards attacking the rest of the world around her. Rallying her people, she positioned them to begin this war, but soon after the war began, Norilil vanished which left her forces to battle without leadership. This eventually resulted in the deaths of millions, untold destruction and loss. The only remains of the lands Norilil once ruled are the crowns she possessed from each land she conquered and a single dead rose wrapped around each of the crowns.


Norilil, Goddess of Deception
Name Norilil
Role Intermediate Deity
Symbol A thin crown with a dying rose wrapped around it
Home Plane Material Plane
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Beauty, Fame, Lies, Trickery and Deception
Clergy Alignments Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Neutral,
Neutral Evil, Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil
Domains Trickery, Fame, Beauty and Deception
Favored Weapon Dagger
Hit Points As per the standard Succubus statistics
found in the Monster Manual, page 47
Norilil has 80 Hit Points

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