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The Demon Lord Nocticula
as illustrated by Eva Widermann
Game background
Title(s) Succubus Queen
Home plane The Abyss
Power level Planar Ruler
Abyssal Lord
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Portfolio Seduction
Domains The Abyss
Alias(es) The Lady of Fire
Superior None
Design details
First appearance AD&D
Settings Dungeons and Dragons
Mythological Succubus

Nocticula in the TSR Dungeons and Dragons role playing game, is known as one of the Tanar'ri who call themselves Queen of Succubi. While this title and role are not cannon in Dungeons and Dragons, she is an option as a possible contender to the throne of the Succubi which is held by Malcanthet. Nocticula also appears in the Pathfinder campaign setting in a somewhat different form than is presented here.

Physical Description

Nocticula appears as an exceptionally beautiful succubus without wings. At will brilliant wings of fire sprout from her back. In this form she may fly at a rate of 30 feet per cycle. While her wings are present, she is surrounded by immolation that causes 3-18 points of damage per round to anyone within 5 feet of her. She can use her wings as weapons in combat when not flying, burning for 3-18 points of fire damage on a successful hit. She also carries a blackened iron rod, which she can wield as a footman's mace +3. In her hands, it can also act as a staff of the magi, but each charge she uses in this fashion inflicts 1-6 points of damage to her.


Nocticula often rides a nightmare of exceptional size and ferocity: (HD 7+7, 56 hp, 3 attacks, damage 4-10/7-12/7-12)


Nocticula is the abyssal lord that calls herself the Queen of Succubi. Few dispute her claim and she holds a great degree of influence over succubi and Alu-Fiends in the Abyss. A large number of her succubi followers serve as spies and infiltrators in the blood war, the most talented ones are in her service and pursue Nocticula's dark schemes and goals. Some bloods say that she's as canny as a Ultraloth when it comes to cooking up schemes.

Her most elite spies are succubi, or Alu-Fiend, lesser scions or scions, many with spellcasting abilities. This occasionally draws her agents into conflict with disgruntled Molydei who feel that they aren't doing their part to support the blood war. Considering the power of some of Nocticula's agents however, many Molydei are wise enough to steer clear of them.

One of Nocticula's schemes involve gaining a foothold on the prime material plane. She has a strong following of witches on the continent of Trinalia on Varisha. These witches are a mix of specialty priestesses and mages. Among mortals, Nocticula is known as the patroness of witches or "the lady of fire." Nocticula's presence on Trinalia has brought her into contact with the benign goddess of magic, Evonn.

Nocticula's power status allows her to employ a proxy to do her dirty work in the Abyss. Her proxy is a succubus elder named Talinshira. She has 21 HD and the spellcasting abilities of a 21st level mage.


Nocticula - Tanar'ri Queen of Succubi
Name Nocticula
Type Succubus
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Climate/Terrain Abyss
Frequency Unique
Organization Planar Ruler
Activity Cycle Any
Diet Carnivore
Intelligence Supragenius (20)
Treasure S,T,U,W,Z
No. Appearing Unique
Armor Class -8
Movement 12, Fl 30 (A)
Hit Dice 31 (hp 196)
No. of Attacks 2 or 4
Damage/Attack by weapon +6 (x2)/ 3-18 (x2)
Special Attacks see below
Special Defenses +3 or better weapon to hit, immunities
Magic Resistance 80%
Size Medium (6' tall)
Morale Champion (16)
XP Value 36,000


Nocticula is an accomplished spellcaster. She has the spellcasting ability of a 23rd level mage. In addition, she can use any of these abilities at the 23rd level (at will unless noted): charm person, charm monster, ESP, clairaudience, suggestion, shapechange (as succubus), obscure alignment (always active), continual darkness, advanced illusion, detect magic (always active), detect invisibility (always active), comprehend languages (always active), read magic, hold monster, dispel magic, telekinesis, magic missile (6 missiles striking as +3 magic flight arrows, 3/day), grant another's wish (1/day), heal herself for 5-50 points of damage (2/day), chaos (1/day), symbol (hopelessness, discord, or death, once each per day), and gate in 1-4 succubi (35%), 1-2 succubus scions (30%), 1-3 glabrezu (20%), or 1-2 marilith (15%) once per turn up to 3 times per day.


Nocticula has all the normal immunities of succubi. Her kiss drains life force as a succubus, save that instead of a single level, 1-3 levels are drained. Her influence over succubi is powerful. When she uses her charm monster ability against succubi or Alu-Fiends, the target halves their magic resistance and applies -3 to saves, and the effective hit dice of the victim is halved for the purposes of determining time between saves. Optionally, these penalties may also apply to tieflings of Tanar'ric descent.