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Lupe Lilithborne

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Lupe Lilithborne
Chateau Aensland character
Created by

Aliases Guadalupe Marquéz
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Lilith (Mother)
Danny Lilithborne (Brother)
Julie Lilithborne (Sister)
Maria Lilithborne (Sister)
Melissa Lilithborne (Sister)
Ruby Lilithborne (Sister)
Sheila Lilithborne (Sister)
Glynis Lilithborne (Sister)
Sandy Lilithborne (Sister)
Jenny Lilithborne (Sister)

Lupe Lilithborne, also known as Guadalupe Juanita Marquéz, is a supporting character in the Chateau Aensland saga. She is one of Lilith's daughters and the house cook, maid and apothecary. Despite the physical exertion that all these duties require, Lupe maintains a rotund body, and has a strong appetite for sensual activities. She is often found working in concert with Melissa, drugging foods so that Melissa's siblings will be more open to her attentions.


Name: Lupe Lilithborne
Also known as: Guadalupe Marquéz, Sigareyanda
Height: 5'3" (160cm)
Weight: 185 lbs. (84kg)
Hair/Eyes: Black/Brown
Flavor/Flower: Mango/Unknown
Hobby: Cooking
Fav. Meal: Depends on the weather
Theme song ("Happy"): Ol' Dirty Bastard, "Got Your Money"
Theme song ("Sad"): Shakira, "Inevitable"
Theme song ("Determination"): Grupo Niche, "Somos Guerreros"


Lupe is a member of the Lilithbornes and one of the triad of the Marquéz sisters that were born destined to become part of the Lilithborne family. She is the house cook and maid and currently handles all the maintenance of Chateau Aensland.

An extremely lascivious woman with a strong appetite for sensuality, not much is known about Lupe's life, as it's not a topic she dwells upon. Her sisters, Ruby and Maria, are noticeably less passionate about their sexuality, but as members of the Lilithborne family they've all experienced each other sexually. Lupe is also an excellent cook, relying less on recipes and more on her natural instinct.

Lupe's heavyset appearance, her breasts in particular, would cause some to see her as the "Mother" of a "Mother-Maiden-Crone" triad of her blood sisters, but in truth it is more complicated than that. Her maternal nature is tempered by her energetic youth and her bubbly fashion of talking. Within the Chateau, Lupe rarely wears more than an apron and socks; outside, she is a T-shirts and jeans kind of girl.


  • Maria and Ruby are Lupe's blood sisters.
  • Lupe has a cell phone which she keeps payments on. Her screen name is "Sigareyanda".