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Lilitu (City of Heroes)

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City of Heroes character
Lilitu from City of Heroes
First appearance City of Heroes
First game City of Heroes
Fictional profile
A Circle of Thorns archvillain

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Lilitu is a Circle of Thorns archvillain. This diabless has lived long enough to have taken part in the war between Mu and Oranbega 14,000 years ago. Today, she's acting as advisor for the Circle of Thorns regarding unfinished business that came from those dark days. Lilitu is also the mother of the hero Infernal.


The She-Devil ruled a plane of Hell before being called forth by the Circle of Thorns. The sorcerers struck a deal with her, and Lilitu has come to earth with her infernal hordes. It is said the price for her service is the death of 666 heroes - including her own son, Infernal.


  • On the Defeat and Capture Lilitu mission from Magus Mu'Drakhan (Levels 35 - 39), as an Archvillain and an Enemy
  • On the Trap Lilitu's soul mission from Mage-Killer Zuhkara.


During the Defeat and Capture Lilitu mission she will be having some words with her Circle of Thorns allies when found:

Before combat: Useless! Worthless! Pathetic and weak! Could you disgust me more?
Combat start: All of you pathetic mortals are bugs before me! I will kill every last one of you!
At 75% Life: You've injured my beautiful body. I'll remove your bones for that.
At 50% Life: If that leaves a scar, I will visit such horrors on you as this world has never before witnessed.
At 25% Life: Useless! Worthless! Pathetic mortal creature!
Defeated: How dare you? HOW DARE YOU!


  • Entrance (Ranged, No Damage) Foe Hold: You have been Entranced.
  • Come Hither (Ranged, No Damage) Foe Confuse: You have been confused. You may attack an incorrect target.
  • Hellish Bolts Ranged (Cone), Moderate Damage (Negative Energy), Foe Knockback: You summon a wave of mire that sweeps away foes within its arc.
  • Bitter Ice Blast Ranged, Superior Damage (Cold/Smash), Foe -Recharge, -Speed, -Accuracy: A slower yet more powerful version of Ice Blast, Bitter Ice Blast deals much more damage and can also reduce your enemy's Accuracy. Like other Ice Blast powers, Bitter Ice Blast can Slow a target's movement and attack speed. Damage: Superior, Recharge: Slow.
  • Glacier Point Blank Area of Effect, Foe Hold, -Recharge, -Speed: You can freeze all foes around yourself in blocks of Glacial ice. The targets are frozen solid, helpless, and can be attacked. Even after the victims emerge, they remain chilled and their attack and movement speed is Slowed for a while. This power can only be cast near the ground. Recharge: Very Long.
  • Blaze Ranged, High Damage (Fire), Damage over Time (Fire): A short range, but devastating flame attack.
  • Fire Cages Ranged (Targeted Area of Effect), Minor Damage over Time (Fire), Foe Immobilize: Immobilizes a group of foes in Fire Cages, dealing Fire damage over time. More resilient foes may require multiple Fire Cages to Immobilize. Fire Cages is slower and less damaging than Ring of Fire, but can capture multiple targets.


  • The Sumerian name of Lilith is Lilitu. Lilith is sometimes thought to be the mother of all incubi and succubi.

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