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Lilin in Mesopotamian demonology, were hostile night spirits that attacked men who had less power than gods but were powerful in their own right.[1]


In Jewish mythology Lilin (Hebrew:לילין) is a term for night spirits. In Targum Sheni Esther 1:3 King Solomon, who commanded all spirits, had the lilin dance before him.[2][3][4][5] Lilith and her daughter Lilim are both considered to be night spirits. Lilim is also considered by older Jewish tradition to be Cain's wife. [6]

In the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch, Lilin come from the desert [7] and they are similar to shedim.[8]

Lilin in Popular Culture


  • In Neil Gaiman's novel Stardust, the Lilim are a triad of witch-queens who live in a little house deep in the forests of the Otherworld. They are so old that the youngest of them was ancient when the land the house sits upon was still under the sea.
  • Lilim and sarim are among the demons that rise from the sea with Morningstar's Archeron in John C. Wright's novel Mists of Everness.
  • In Richard Calder's novel Dead Girls, the Lilim are a race of vampiric pubescent girl dolls.

Comic Books

  • In the comic book series Lucifer, the Lilim are an army of demons descended from Lilith, fathered by numerous male entities, including angels, who are eventually led by Lucifer's former consort, Mazikeen.
  • In the 1990s version of Ghost Rider, an entire story arc chronicled Daniel Ketch and Johnny Blaze traveling America in search of the Lilin, whom the recently arisen Lilith was searching for to build her army. They were, however, defeated with the assistance of a group called The Midnight Sons, assembled by Dr. Strange. They did return with the aid of Centurious until the reappearance of the Demon soul-eater Zarathos. The Lilin and Lilith, were exiled to another dimension while Zarathos was killed. Lilith returned promosing a stoned Zarathos a new offspring to return. What remains of this has yet to be seen.
  • In the ongoing science fiction comic book series Finder (issue 37 in the storyline The Rescuers), the character Jaeger relates a version of the Lilith myth from the Ascian culture. He adds that among the Ascians, the lilim are real—females born with the ability to reproduce asexually and potentially to overrun the world with their kind.
  • A short two volume manga romantic comedy from Kawashita Mizuki, Lilim Kiss, is about an aloof boy named Saiki Takaya who is both respected and feared as the tough guy at school. One day he finds a pendant which contains a cute but mysterious, blackwinged girl.

Roleplaying Games

  • In the role-playing-game In Nomine, Lilim, 'The Tempters', are a female species of demons who value independence and freedom (at least their own) over anything else.

Video Games

  • Lilim, along with Lilith, are featured in the numerous Megami Tensei games.
  • In the MMOG Lineage 2, Lilim is the name of the soldiers consisting the army of Lilith, daughter of Shillen, who struggles against Anakim and her Nephilim in order to revive Shillen, by breaking the seals of the seven signs.
  • In the RPG, Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia, one of the costumes you can acquire for Aurica is called "LILIM". When equipped, she is shown dressed as a sexy demon girl.

Animation and Film

  • In the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, the seventeenth Angel, |Tabris (Kaworu Nagisa), refers to human beings as "Lilim" or the descendants of Lilith. Adam and Lilith, in the storyline, are giant primordial beings who gave life to the world. Their reunion, however, would cause the end of the world.


  • Lilin is the name of the 3rd track on the Danzig album 6:66 Satan's Child.

See Also

  • Lilu, Akkadian and Sumerian demons
  • Lilith, Jewish female demon


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