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Legend of the Silver Skeleton

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Legend of the Silver Skeleton
Title Page for the D&D Module
Legend of the Silver Skeleton
Code Online Module
Rules required 3.5 Edition Dungeons and Dragons
Character levels 6th Level Characters
Authors Bart Carroll
Todd Clayton
Mark A. Jindra
Robert Wiese
First published October 17, 2006
Pages 22 Pages
The Succubus Paladin Eludecia
Series Dungeons and Dragons
First appearance Wizards.com Fight Club
Created by Robert Wiese
Game information
Gender Female
Race Succubus Paladin
Class Medium Outsider
(Chaotic, Evil,
Extraplanar, Tanar'ri)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Lawful Evil
Lawful Good
Chaotic Good
(can be any of these)
Age Physically in her 30s
Title Paladin
Alias None
Setting Any Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Legend of the Silver Skeleton was an online Dungeons and Dragons role playing game module that was written by Bart Carroll, Todd Clayton, Mark A. Jindra, and Robert Wiese and was first published in 2006. The module was created as a result of the first Creature Competition on the Wizards of the Coast website in which the winning being would have an adventure created with them in a major role. The winning creature was the Succubus Paladin Eludecia and this module was created as a result.

The Module

Players enter an underground aqueduct in this adventure and through their actions can come into contact with Eludecia. Eludecia is a succubus who converted to good by her angelic lover. She campaigned against her former demonic cohorts eventually helping to banish a powerful Balor. In revenge the Balor sent one of his generals to capture Eludecia. She was then transformed through magic into a set of silver bones which were then placed win one of the aqueducts’ gelatinous cubes. Eludecia remained trapped since, forever regenerating and dissolving over and over again as her punishment. The players, through the adventure, can come into contact with the silver skeleton and in during so meet Eludecia should they free her in the correct manner.

The module can end in various ways. If the player free Eludecia, they gain both allies and enemies in during so. The players can also continue to adventure with Eludecia, if they do she would ask them to help send word to her angelic lover about her rescue. Another possible option is to go in search of Eludecia’s various items that were lost when she was imprisoned. There can also be further extrapolation of the aqueducts or other locations encountered in the module.

Eludecia the Succubus Paladin

  • Full information and statistics about can be found at Eludecia

In worlds where magic is common, powerful wizards sometimes use their dweomers to warp and change creatures for their own purposes. However, even more profound changes sometimes stem from the natural forces in the multiverse. One of those forces is love, and love somehow found the succubus known as Eludecia.

She does not talk about what happened, but during one of her many quests to tempt souls and bring them to the Abyss, she met a beautiful angel, and something unimaginable happened -- she fell in love. Eludecia fought against the unfamiliar emotion for a long time but finally realized that she could not win. So she sought out the angel and confessed her feelings for him, though she did not understand them.

When Eludecia asked for help in redeeming herself, the angel was only too happy to accommodate her. After all, the succubus was extremely beautiful, and he could not help but be attracted to her. Furthermore, the accomplishment of redeeming a demon would certainly make him well known in the angelic hierarchy and advance him in his master's service.

Redemption sometimes comes in a flash, but more often it takes years and years of painful work -- and so it was in this case. Born to evil, Eludecia found it hard even to understand goodness, let alone embrace it. However, she persevered until she finally achieved a shaky redemption. She then dedicated herself fully to the cause of good and took on the mantle of paladin, although no deity was willing to be her special patron.

Eludecia knows that she can never purge herself completely of her evil nature without magical aid, but for now, she shuns such help because she is determined to "make it on her own." Thus, she must fight each and every day to avoid slipping back into her evil ways. Thus far, she has succeeded admirably.

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