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Lascivia - Former Ruler of Luxuria
Lascivia (Original Appearance)
Lascivia (Revised Appearance)
Publication information
Publisher HIP comix
In-story information
Alter Ego None
Species Succubus
Place of Origin Stryx
Partnerships Deminsha (Formerly)
Sadistra (Formerly)
Notable Aliases Former Ruler of Luxuria
Abilities Supernatural Seduction,
Flight, Strength, and Senses

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Lascivia is a character in the Metrobay universe of HIP comix. She is a Succubus, the former ruler of Luxuria, and the step-sister of Deminsha.


Lascivia is a relatively young demon mistress of hell, ruling over the 5th circle of the lustful, Luxuria, where she punishes the souls of those consumed by lust to serve her for eternity. Despite being a demon, she is beautiful and fairly human in appearances, save for a pair of tell-tale demonic wings on her back.

Despite her “good” intentions to be a worthy mistress of hell’s legions, she appears to be not altogether evil, a serious character flaw in a world where evil is the highest priority. Lascivia's subjects were rather fond of her and enjoyed her “punishments”, and she was fair and appreciative of them, making her ill-suited for her position. She was demoted for not being evil enough by the Queen of Hades, Sadistra, and Lascivia's position was given to her step-sister Deminsha, and Lascivia herself was to be given to Sus the swine-demon for his pleasure.

Unwilling to accept this fate, Lascivia fled her position in hell. By a stroke of luck, a portal to the human world was opened from the other side, enabling Lascivia to escape, where she encountered the human investigator Bliss Starliss.

This occurred because a man resembling Feelix Von Ick was doing unethical experiments in the year 2169 and had created the portal. He captured both Bliss and Lascivia, keeping Bliss for his pleasure and holding Lascivia for further scientific study and observation in an attempt to clone a supernatural being.

In the present time, Lascivia was pulled from her hellish dimension into the human world after the Metrobay University student, Mildred Glestein, read a forbidden tome of summoning rituals, trapping the demon in Metrobay and, being too good to re-enter Hell, forced Lascivia to live with the mousy student until she could discover a means to return home.


Lascivia's supernatural abilities are almost limitless in nature and potential. She has displayed acts of flight, unnatural hypnotic abilities, and unnatural sensory awareness, though this represents just a small sample of her demonic powers.


Name Lascivia
Age Unknown
Height 5’7”
Hair Red/Black
Occupation Former Ruler of Luxuria
Abilities Supernatural Seduction, Flight, Strength, and Senses
Affiliation Hades

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