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Queen's Gate character
The Succubus character Lamica from the Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos video game
First appearance Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos
Voiced by Sayuri Yahagi
Fictional profile
The boisterous young succubus
partner of Dora

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Queen's Blade (クイーンズブレイド Kuīnzu Bureido?) is a series of visual combat books published by Hobby Japan based on the licensed works from Flying Buffalo's Lost Worlds. First published in 2005, it features sexually suggestive depictions of an exclusively female cast of characters. The overall plot of the game revolves around a tournament called the Queen's Blade, which is held every four years to determine a Queen. The series is followed by a sequel called Queen's Blade Rebellion (クイーンズブレイド リベリオン Kuīnzu Bureido Riberion?), featuring all-new characters as well as remakes of previous characters, and a supplement called Queen's Gate (クイーンズゲイト Kuīnzu Geito?), featuring licensed characters from other games and series.

The series later evolved into a media franchise, spanning four manga adaptations, three anime adaptations, three light novels, and a video game.

In this videogame for this series a succubus character named Lamica appears.


Lamica is a boisterous young succubus who serves the sorceress Dora(ドーラ Dōra?). She can be found in the video games Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos and Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos. When Dora and Lamica are unable to defeat Cute and the others in the game, she enlists the help of the Amaran Princess Menace to try and defeat them. Lamica is encountered several times in the game and has the habit of taunting Cute and the others into a fight.

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