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Lady Victoria

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Lady Victoria
Diablo III character
The Unique Succubus Lady Victoria
First appearance Diablo III
First game Diablo III
Fictional profile
A Unique Succubus found in
the House of Deep Sorrow

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Lady Victoria, also called The Doomed Woman in the Diablo III video game is a unique Succubus that can be found in House of Deep Sorrow. She spawns for an unmarked event in the game.


Immediately after players enter the House of Deep Sorrow, Lady Victoria is seen (in her human form) drained of her soul by three Exorcists or Shadows of Death. They will not attack players until they are attacked, and Lady Victoria will shout for the player to leave while they still can, which they can do at this point in the encounter. If players kill the Reapers, Lady Victoria will become interactable. Upon speaking to her, she will explain that the Reapers stripped her humanity from her, and will then transform into a Succubus. She will have Electrified and Fast affixes.

Upon her death, Lady Victoria will always leave The Horrible Secret book, revealing that her mother survived a demon attack, implying that the attack in question led to Victoria being half-human and half-demon (and thus more demonic than most humans in Sanctuary).

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