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Insatiable: A Paranormal Succubus Romance (eBook)

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Insatiable: A Paranormal Succubus Romance
Insatiable: A Paranormal Succubus Romance eBook Cover, written by Mika-Rae Leone
Insatiable: A Paranormal Succubus Romance eBook Cover, written by Mika-Rae Leone
Author(s) Mika-Rae Leone
Publisher ReneeRomance Books
Publication date February 11, 2015
Media type eBook
Length 57 Pages

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Insatiable: A Paranormal Succubus Romance is an eBook written by Mika-Rae Leone. In this work the character Sirena Evans is a Succubus and is part of a society of Succubi.


  • Title: Insatiable: A Paranormal Succubus Romance
  • Author: Mika-Rae Leone
  • Published By: ReneeRomance Books
  • Length: 57 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B00THZM4K8
  • Publishing Date: February 11, 2015

Plot Summary

Baltimore preschool teacher Sirena Evans has a dark secret: she's insatiable. She is a succubus, cursed with a constant need to feed on the sexual energy of unsuspecting men. In order to stay satiated and sane, Sirena spends her nights picking up men at bars. She’s lonely, afraid of being found out, and her reputation is always at stake...

Then she meets Kayson Gentry, a sexy blond mechanic with Southern charm, at a bar. Sirena feels an intense urge to feed, more intense than she’s ever felt, and for the first time in so many years, butterflies. They share a passionate night, and for some reason Sirena is unable to steal any of his sexual energy. She is not sure why, but her guess is that it’s because she's falling for this man. But how could she ever explain to Kayson what she really is?...

An emergency meeting is called by the local secret society of succubi. The elders warn that blood-thirsty hunters are in town, killers bent on making succubi extinct. Does Sirena's inability to feed from Kayson mean that he is a hunter himself?

Both her fear of revealing what she is to Kayson and her fear of the hunters on her trail push her to starvation, but she can't go long without feeding. She's insatiable. She will have to feed, and face the consequences to both her new love and her own life.

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog<, A Succubi's Tale on December 13, 2016

Sirena’s life isn’t one that she loves. It’s sad at times, emotionally bereft and there’s just so little in the days and nights to comfort her. A chance encounter in a bar leads her into the arms of Kayson. He’s everything she could want, desires and more. But Sirena is a succubus and trying to explain that is a problem. Losing him is far more. There is such a thing as being hopeless, but its worse when you have some hope and you don’t know how to hold onto it.

The story is a lovely romance mixed with the worries, fears and concerns that both main characters have about each other. The single theme that runs throughout is one of understanding and opening themselves to each other. The problem is that Sirena can’t manage that, and when she tries to, Kayson just can’t allow her to. There’s too much hurt on both sides to allow for the connection to be as it should and that leads to all kinds of disasters along the way.

Sirena is a succubus, really a lovely, seductive one, but more importantly, she has a soul, she wants something more and that’s where the story really comes into its own. We never see horns or a tail, though another character does at an important moment. There’s also a very interesting hint of a succubus society that’s just touched on, suggested, but not explored fully. It’s a shame because the secondary succubus characters are very interesting and I really wish more time had been spent with Sirena’s friends there to broaden her character and her world.

As the story is, overall, a romance, the erotica comes in a series of short hot flashes for the main characters, but as well there are some moments for Sirena, in the aftermath of her needs, which are terribly sad and heartbreaking. The contrast is striking and I think that worked really well to show how the main characters are together and apart.

The writing is very good, the characters develop and that works well. But Sirena’s succubus like is mainly about her and when the hint of other succubi appear, that just feels skimmed over for the sake of getting to the climax of the work. That climax takes the story in a direction which I felt took something away.

Sirena had to make a choice, as did Kayson. But that choice gets pulled away from both of them in a way that just didn’t feel right. It allow for the ending, the reveal, and some resolutions. But otherwise when the ending comes it’s disappointing. Something is taken, something that really was core to Sirena’s story. When it is, what’s left is a rote ending, one that is not all it could have been.

Three and a half of out five pitchforks.

It’s a shame about the ending. It feels wrong for Sirena, it doesn’t allow for her to come to terms with herself. It’s too easy a way out for Sirena and being who she is, that choice really didn’t feel right. I wish there was an ending that didn’t feel so rote or expected. I think both Sirena and Kayson’s characters had something more in each to tell.

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