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Incubus Avatar (Dark Delights)

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Incubus Avatar
Incubus Avatar Samael by Dark Delights

Dark Delights
Skin or Avatar

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Second Life Marketplace

Multiple colors and variations of this avatar are available

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

Dark Delights is a Second Life skins design shop owned by Ishtara Rothschild. You can purchase various outfits, shoes, boots and other items to add to the avatar you use in the Second Life universe. This store has a series of Incubus Avatars for purchase that provide many different colors, shapes, and accessories depending on which one you choose. The avatars are adult in nature and include several options to modify genitalia, add different kinds of tails, among others.

General Description of Avatar

A male demon avatar, complete with skin, flexi hair, modifiable shape, Real Penis set (realistically sculpted penis in 3 sizes), flexi tail with penetration pose, animated 3D wings with flexi prim parts, 3 different eyes, 3 horns, leather clothing (jacket, pants, boots and prim skull attachments) and HUD controls.

The photorealistic skin and the modifiable shape make this one of the most detailed avatars in Second Life. The tintable, shoulder-long flexi hair and the leather clothes add to the rugged, sexy appearance, which is rounded off by 3 different inhuman eyes, including blank prim eyes and a glowing eyes attachment, plus 3 horn styles.

The wings are more than simple, textured flat prims: the strutting is 3-dimensional, for a realistic look from every angle, and the outer wing parts consist of flexi prims. The included HUD allows you to choose from 4 different wing postures. The wings automatically fold close against your body when you sit down and don't intersect with the backrest of a chair.

In the air, the wings unfold to an impressive wingspan and show a most realistic behaviour: they flap when you ascend, descend or hover and turn into a curved gliding posture in flight. Prim parts that aren't needed for the current posture are scaled down; the space to your sides stays free, and so does the space above your head! These wings won't hinder you to click doors or vendors.

The Real Penis set consists of sculpt prims with a highly realistic look. 3 sizes are included, from human standard size over a long and horse-like penis to a giant demon cock. Each model comes with 7 positions - flaccid, semi-erect and 5 erect postures that help you to match every sex animation on the market.

The penis is fully HUD-controlled and precums, cums and pees at the click of a button. The particle effects are very realistic and accompanied by emote texts (can be disabled).

Linked to the penis is a flexible demon tail that can be turned into a "CockTail" for double penetration - it bends up through your legs, allowing you to penetrate both vagina and sphincter of a female partner. The tip of the erect tail is also sculpted.

Like the wings and the penis, the tail is also HUD-controlled. No need to memorize chat commands! The HUD also contains 3 facial expressions (angry, amused and a sadistic grin), that allow you to show off your pointed teeth (the vampire teeth are part of the skin).

The clothes consist of an open leather jacket, leather pants, cowboy boots with prim soles, prim skull shoulder pads, skull kneepads and a skull-shaped belt buckle.

Names of Avatars Available

As there are a tremendous number of avatars produced, the following is a list of them, rather than have each with its own entry in the SuccuWiki:

Other Incubus colors

  • Incubus "Abaddon", blue
  • Incubus "Asmodeus", bright red (scaled skin)
  • Incubus "Astaroth", dark blue/violet (drow look)
  • Incubus "Carnivean", dark gray/black
  • Incubus "Dagon", green (scaled skin)
  • Incubus "Wormwood", white (goth look)

Succubus Avatars

There are also Succubus Avatars produced by this store. You can find the SuccuWiki article on them here.

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