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Immorality DVD Cover
Immorality DVD Cover
Studio Japan X
Release date(s) 2004
Country Japan
Language Japanese with
English Subtitles

For other uses of the word Succubus, or movies involving Succubi, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Immorality is a 2004 adult movie animation movie produced by Larry Flynt's Hustler Films. In this movie, the character Sayoko has the appearance and powers of a Succubus.

Immorality (DVD Front and back cover


  • Movie Title: Immorality
  • Release Date: 2004
  • MPAA Rating: XXX - Sexual Content and Language
  • Director: (Unknown at this time)
  • Studio: Japan X
  • Genre: Horror, Erotica, Feature
  • Tagline: A new teacher is in town, but she's no ordinary one.

Plot Summary

A new teacher is in town, but she is no ordinary one. She is a night-dweller who preys on men. In return for orgasmic pleasure through intercourse, she devours their souls. Knowing about her cursed blood, a secret society hunts for her blood for the ceremony that is to come. Is Sayoko a human, a demon, or perhaps a messiah? What connection does she have with the government? What are these people that hunt for her blood? What are they trying to achieve from the ceremony? "My blood, it's lusting for a man. This is why I hate the full moon."

Movie Review

First and foremost , If you are looking for a coherent plot, don't bother watching this movie. If you love your succubi and can't get enough of them (and who can't), this movie is worth taking look at.

The main protagonist/antagonist Ms. Sayoko, the succubus of the movie, isn't your traditional succubus. She doesn't have the tail or horns and doesn't come from hell. She does act like a traditional succubus in the sense that she seduces men and consumes their souls through intercourse. It's an interesting touch that's rarely seen in today's cultural depictions of Succubi.

So watch it for her scenes and hit the stop button when the hermaphrodites show up.

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