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I'll Never Forget You (eBook)

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I'll Never Forget You
I'll Never Forget You eBook Cover, written by Nanea Knott
I'll Never Forget You eBook Cover,
written by Nanea Knott
Author(s) Nanea Knott
Series Sex Demon
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date August 8, 2015
Media type eBook
Length 26 Pages
Followed by Remember Me

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I'll Never Forget You is an eBook written by Nanea Knott. It is a prequel work in the Sex Demon series by this author. In this work Marissa Davis is a Succubus and the character Tanner is an Incubus. As well, several other characters are either Succubi or Incubi in nature.


  • Title: I'll Never Forget You
  • Author: Nanea Knott
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 26 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B013NWF948
  • Publishing Date: August 8, 2015

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Plot Summary

Sex, Lies and Betrayal. Celeste’s whole life seems to be about those three things. Her sister is a succubus, but Celeste is human. She knows that finding a mate is something most sex demons never do, but she’s found hers. She’s in love with an incubus, and she knows Tanner is her mate, but no one believes her, not even Tanner.

When reports of unthinkable crimes surface, Tanner is accused, and she begs for his life. She gets her wish, but there is a price. Tanner is being sent to where she will never see him again.

She vows to get him released. She doesn’t see how until she meets someone that is considered an enemy. He gives her hope of saving Tanner, but she must make a choice. How far will she go to save her mate?

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on February 23, 2016

Celeste’s world is in upheaval and she doesn’t know what to do. Her love is an incubus, but she is “only human” to everyone in his world, including her own sister. He has been charged with a crime that means she will never see him again. She cannot prove she is his and he hers and can only cry in frustration. When even her sister cannot accept the truth she knows, Celeste chooses to gamble on the impossible, no matter the risk.

The work is told from Celeste’s point of view which is interesting because she is a human living in a world of succubi and incubi. Her sister Marissa is a succubus, one of many, like Tanner, who is an incubus. Overall there isn’t really a lot told about how things work for succubi and incubi in this universe, save for they feed on sex with humans, but also a rather interesting side effect of doing so that reflects the titles in the series quite nicely I thought.

This particular work isn’t focused on erotica, really there is but a single short passage, but rather in telling a story, a complicated and involved one, and I was well drawn into things as the story was told. The storytelling is very well done, there is a connection between the characters and I enjoyed how they all dealt with each other.

There is a mystery of course and it’s one that is touched on, offers a path for the story to follow, but isn’t really delved into very deeply. Being this is a short story, that makes some sense and I expect that the themes in this work will pop up again in the following works as well. The lack of detail at some points along the way was a little frustrating however. Places are mentioned, but not explained. Some of the personality quirks of the characters aren’t probed and that leaves a lot of questions behind.

One of the main ones being that of Tanner, why and how he is where he is now, for one. As well, there’s an odd relationship between Celeste and her sister that brought me up short for a time. I think I have worked that out in my mind and I hope the following works will get deeper into the family relationships, the society all of these characters live in, and how that all works.

World building is a difficult thing to do well. To lay out a setting, people, events which tie together well is a challenge and this author managed that well. The point of a short story like this is to offer a glimpse of what is to come and I think that was well accomplished. I think however it could have been somewhat longer a story, perhaps another ten or so pages to flesh out the relationships more than they were. Some of the actions the characters take seem to be odd, but by not really knowing their motivations well, that brings some confusion.

The writing is very strong, there wasn’t really anything that drew me from the story. It is a quick read as a whole, but really shouldn’t be read in a rush. There are a lot of nuances that need to be understood which matter I think going forwards in the series. An interesting tale and it gives me quite a lot of hope for the series going forwards.

Four out of five pitchforks.

As a glimpse into the universe of this series, it does very well. There’s a good deal of information, but it isn’t treated as an info dump which I appreciated. I found myself wanting to know what comes next and that’s the point of something like this. To wet one’s curiosity and make one wonder what is to come. There’s something interesting here to unfold and I look forward to seeing that be.

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