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The Succubus Hellaynnea by Cyril Pontet
Publication information
Publisher Dargaud
First Appearance Black Moon Chronicles
Created By François Marcela-Froideval
Cyril Pontet
In-story information
Species Succubus
Supporting Character Of Wismerhill
Abilities Seduction
Demonic Powers
Soul Absorption
Body Morphing
Gender Changing Ability
(Succubus, Tome 1:
La Guerre des âmes
Succubus, Tome 1: La Guerre des âmes Book Cover
Succubus, Tome 1: La Guerre des âmes Book Cover
Date June 1996
Series Black Moon Chronicles
Page count 46 Pages
Publisher Dargaud
Creative team
Writer François Marcela-Froideval
Artist Cyril Pontet
Creator François Marcela-Froideval and Cyril Pontet
Original publication
Language French

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Hellaynnea is a named Succubus character in the graphic novel series Black Moon Chronicles. Initially unnamed, over the course of her story Hellaynnea becomes the lover of Wismerhill, another of the main characters of the series. While a Succubus in nature, she was also a complex character with her own goals in the series.


The protagonists in the original story were a half-elf named Whismerill with an unknown past and an extraordinary destiny, a thief called Pile ou Face (Heads or Tails), Ghorgor Bey, a giant barbarian and an evil Succubus (a female demon) who form a strange party of adventurers. As their story unfolded, they helped, joined or even fought different factions, according to Whismerill's personal interests. The Succubus, as later revealed, is named Hellaynnea. Fey was the first love of Whismerill, but when she passed away, Hellaynnea becomes Wismerhill's new lover.

Powers and Abilities

Hellaynnea appeared to have all of the typical powers of a Succubus including being sexual, seductive, the ability to claim souls and feel from the sexual encounters she had with others. Additionally she was seen to have the ability to shift her physical form, including her gender at one point in the series.


The series was written by François Marcela-Froideval. It was an epic story offset by liberal doses of irreverent humour and the use of colloquial modern French over the archaic language usually found in such stories. The series, whose first episode was published in the late 80's, was also translated into German, Italian, Danish, Dutch and English. Following its long-lasting success in France, spin-off series were created to give more details on the background of some key characters. Episode 5 was the last volume drawn by Olivier Ledroit, who was replaced by Cyril Pontet for the rest of the series. Ledroit was still kept on drawing the remaining album covers. The 14th and final album of the series was released on 21st of November 2008.

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