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The Marvel comic book character Dreamqueen
Art by Jim Lee
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First Appearance Alpha Flight #56
Created By Bill Mantlo
Jim Lee
In-story information
Full Name Dreamqueen
Species Part Succubus
Place of Origin Liveworld
Team Affiliations Independent
Partnerships None
Abilities Manipulation of Dreams and Nightmares

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Dreamqueen is a villain in the Marvel Universe, and is the ruler of a dimension called Liveworld. Her first appearance was in the Alpha Flight comic book series. She is the daughter of a Succubus named Zhilla Char, and Nightmare, the ruler of the Dream Dimension. She has many of the abilities of a Succubus including the ability to influence and alter both dreams and nightmares though she is not, technically, a Succubus.


The entity known as the Dreamqueen is the daughter of a succubus named Zhilla Char, and Nightmare, ruler of the Dream Dimension. Her birth killed her mother, and gave the Dreamqueen all of her memories. She was born in a similar "dream dimension" of her own called Liveworld, of which she is the ruler.

It was to this dimension that the fetus of Laura Dean instinctively sent her unborn twin sister, Goblyn. As the autistic Laura grew up, she discovered that she was able to switch places in Liveworld with her sister. After encountering Alpha Flight, Goblyn and Laura were admitted into Beta Flight under the mis-belief that they were one and the same person.

Meanwhile, the Dreamqueen befriended Goblyn and discovered the presence of Laura Dean and Purple Girl in Liveworld, and captured Laura. She then witnessed the accidental arrival of Goblyn and Alpha Flight in Liveworld.[1] The Dreamqueen finally succeeded in reaching the Earth, traveled to China and gained control of China Force. China Force had captured Jade Dragon and brought him to Canada. Dreamqueen then set her dream warriors against Alpha Flight and the Jade Dragon. Alpha Flight defeated China Force, and Laura Dean opened a portal to return them to China, thus foiling the Dreamqueen's plans again.[2]

Shortly afterwards, the Dreamqueen created nightmares that tormented the members of Alpha Flight.[3] Her origins were revealed as well: She was 800 years old, and her father, the being known as Nightmare, had trapped her in Liveworld 350 years ago. He had also foiled her first attempt to escape her prison. Using Alpha Flight's nightmares, the Dreamqueen escaped to present-day Earth, took over the city of Edmonton, and forced Sasquatch to steal the mystic circlet from Shaman and Talisman, but she was foiled by the spirit of Snowbird. She then set China Force against Alpha Flight.[4] Alpha Flight defeated her, and she was returned to Liveworld by Talisman.[5]

Dreamqueen later found her way back to Liveworld but was obsessed with finding other dimensions to control. Her absence and new obsession allowed Puck the opportunity to explore Liveworld. He soon found that through sheer force of will, he could manipulate the realm since the Dreamqueen was not present. Eventually, Alpha Flight ended up in LiveWorld once again. Puck used his knowledge of manipulating the reality of that world to help free them.

The Dreamqueen later returned to LiveWorld, apparently only to find Beta Flight. She terrorized them but they were able to escape. Apparently during her absence, the Dreamqueen either gained more power or skill as she could now affect the dreams of people outside her dimension. She also apparently could also picture the future as she gave Alpha Flight a dream of a world ruled by the Master.

Powers and Abilities

The Dreamqueen was born as the progeny of the dream-demon Nightmare and a succubus. She possesses a gifted intelligence and is entirely self-educated in the study of sorcery, and gains her powers through the manipulation of the forces of magic. While in her realm of Liveworld, she has a virtually unlimited ability to manipulate the forces of magic for a variety of effects, including levitation, teleportation, size transformations, transmutations, energy manifestations such as powerful concussive blasts, and the creation of animate beings obedient to her will.

Outside the realm of Liveworld, she does not possess these abilities unless empowered by an outside force. She is unable to transport herself out of Liveworld to Earth or other dimensions without outside assistance. On Earth, she can only alter perceptions to induce full-sensory hallucinations. She can "dreamscan" others to create "dream-maps" of images from their subconscious minds. She is exceptionally durable and unaging, and retains knowledge of magical lore from her mother's memories.

Regardless of her location, she possesses the virtually unlimited ability to control the minds and warp the perceptions of others. Dreamqueen has access to an inexhaustible number of demonic dream warriors, created from the unconscious minds of her adversaries.


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