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Demon Dreams

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Demon Dreams
Demon Dreams.jpg
Demon Dreams Patron Page Title Card
Developer(s) Bad Ideas Team
Publisher(s) Bad Ideas Team
Distributor(s) Bad Ideas Team
Engine Flash (Original)
Unity (Planned)
Release date(s) Abandoned
Latest release Abandoned
Preview release Abandoned
Genre(s) Adult Fantasy
Media/Digital distribution Download
Arcade system PC

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Demon Dreams was a flash game being developed by Bad Ideas Team which featured both succubi and incubi characters which began development in June 2014. According to the game's Patreon page, players would take the role of either succubi or incubi charcaters within the game, which can be customized, and then through gameplay seduce mortals, acting as heres within the game universe.

While the game was under early development, the intent of the game creator was that when completed, Demon Dreams would be free to download. However, the game author announced on their Patreon page the abandonment of the game on January 14, 2016.

Game Information

According to the game's Patreon page, the game was to be played in a modern setting in which succubi and incubi act not in their traditional roles as sex demons, but rather a sort of sexual therapist. Accordingly, they would act less like sexual predators but rather would assist in helping mortals to process sexual thoughts and experiences had while awake, understand them, and integrate them into one's personality and mental outlook. As such, the game portrays succubi and incubi as the heroes of wet dreams.


Players would begin by designing their succubus or incubus character, both physically and assigning their powers and abilities. Following this, the players then entered the dreams of sleeping mortals and seduced them. However, during gameplay it would be possible for their dreams to become nightmares and, if this went too far, the mortal would awaken early and the player's mission would end. Success meant arousing the mortal and then having a sexual encounter with them.

Release Notes

Initially the game was under development with a Patreon page being active and seeking donations to accelerate the project's completion. However on January 14, 2016 the game author made an announcement which brought game development to a close.

The announcement from the Patreon page was:

The transition from Flash to Unity is messier than I hoped. Also, it's become increasingly obvious to both me and my patrons that I suck at social media. Everything about this campaign was poorly planned and executed, and when my dayjob started draining my life-force like the she-demon of myth, everything about the project suffered. I literally don't post often enough to fullfill my self-imposed backer obligations. It's not that I haven't been working on the game, it's that very little of what I've done actually made it into the parts I've released, and every hour I spend typing about my latest broken robot is an hour not spent actually making the damn game.

Even as I type this, I still have no concrete vision for Demon Dreams. I mean, yeah, something about Succubi seducing dreamers. Something vaguely like a visual novel but with more interactive parts. But after two years of updates and rewrites and engine changes, I'm no closer to something resembling a finished game, or even a solid core game loop. The one prototype that includes sex scenes uses tropes I never intended to include in the first place.

And the saddest part is that only three of you stuck it out long enough to read this explaination. I don't know whether to thank you or apologize.

So no more Demon Dreams. I don't know whether I want to continue using crowdfunding. Definitely I still want to create erotic interactive art. Maybe it'll even still be Succubus-themed. But whatever I work on next needs to be smaller. Fucking tiny. It needs to be so simple that I can't fuck it up. Animation loops. Maybe a VERY simple game as a side project. I need to stop promising social media interactivity now that I know damned well I can't commit to it. Maybe I'll even switch to an update-based model. Somehow, that feels more honest, given how this turned out.

But this business of building a skinnable animated character with modular parts and then trying to model sexual attraction as a series of numbers and then just hoping it will congeal into a game at some point in the future is pure madness. Maybe a team could do it. But I'm only one man. And while I can be a little clever at implementation details, I'm not great at "creating experiences" whole cloth. Demon Dreams proves that.

The three of you can go. I'll cancel your subscriptions for you if there's any button for me to do that. If I ever do anything crowd-funded again, it'll be using this account. I want everyone who ever considers giving me money in the future for art that hasn't been created yet to be reminded that this model is always a crapshoot. I guess it could have been worse. At least I didn't promise you t-shirts and crap.


Oh, and as a reminer, the flash builds that have been released are open-source. I kept that part of my promise. So any one of you who has big ideas for how Demon Dreams should have ended who wants to pick up where I left off, or even just rip it apart and build something entirely different out of it (I do have my suspicions about that pose in SexForge...) you all have my blessing.

Thanks for taking a chance on me. I'm sorry I let you down. This was literally the closest I could come to realizing my dream. I hope this experience didn't sour you on crowd-funding in general. There's a lot of really talented creators out there doing great work. Support them.

And if someday you wander by and see that I'm regularly releasing something you like, I mean actually delivering the thing on a good schedule, and it works the way you expected it to work, only then maybe consider trusting me with your money again.

Until then I'll try to dream up a project so simple I can't fuck it up.

Dream on.

-The Bad Ideas Team
Demon Dreams Patreon page announcement dated January 14, 2016[1]

Following this announcement, all game development ended and Patreon posts after September 2015 were made publicly available. No further development of this game was seen following this announcement, though the game developer had hopes for some kind of game being developed in the future, if not one about succubi.


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