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Demon Candy: Parallel

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Demon Candy: Parallel
Demon Candy Parallel.jpg
Demon Candy: Parallel, Volume 1 Cover
Author Lord Dragon Master
Website DeviantART
Current status / schedule Ongoing
Launch date September 5, 2008
Comic strip syndication Independent
Publisher DeviantART
Genre(s) Adult
Bangsian fantasy
Rating(s) Adult (PG-18)

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Demon Candy: Parallel is a Canadian comedic fetish-based webcomic drawn and written in a manga style by someone under the pseudonym of Lord Dragon Master. It is a bangsian fantasy set in Hell, about a 18-year-old man called Jonathan who accidentally sells his soul for a Klondike bar. In an attempt to get his soul back, he makes a deal with Victoria, the "Succubus Queen", in which he will live with her for one year while resisting her attempts to enslave him.

Despite the adult subject matter, there are no depictions of sexual intercourse in the webcomic, and few depictions of nudity. In 2009, Lord Dragon Master was nominated for the Bondage Awards for "Best Comic Artist" and "Best Writer" for his work.[1]

Series Information

  • Title: Demon Candy: Parallel
  • Author: Lord Dragon Master
  • Website: http://lorddragonmaster.deviantart.com/
  • Updates: Irregularly
  • First Appeared: September 5, 2008
  • Genre: Comedy, Fetish, Bangsian fantasy
  • Rating: 18+


Jonathan, a student, is hassled by a woman called Noelle who claims she is doing a survey on what people would be willing to sell their souls for. In an attempt to get rid of her, he says jokingly that he would sell his soul for a Klondike bar. Noelle gives him the bar and leaves him. Later that night when Jonathan is asleep, Noelle, who it is revealed is a half-demon succubus breaks into his bedroom to claim his soul. Realising she is not joking, Jonathan protests, so Noelle takes him to Hell to see her boss, Victoria the Succubus Queen. Victoria, a dominant woman decides to make a deal with Jonathan: if he can stay in her house for one year without submitting to her, she will return his soul. If he submitted, Jonathan will stay with her forever. Jonathan agrees to the deal, but because humans usually die when they stay in Hell, Victoria transforms him into a incubus slave.


Main characters

  • Jonathan: an 18-year-old human who is transformed into a half-demon incubus. In an attempt to get his soul back after selling it, he promises to stay in Victoria's house as a for a year while trying to prevent submitting himself sexually to Victoria.[2]
  • Noelle: a half-demon succubus, Noelle is a slave to Victoria and is now being trained as a dominant by her. She looks 18, but is over a 100 years old, with Jonathan being the first soul she has collected. Although she tries to please Victoria, she is not a successful succubus.[3]
  • Victoria: The Succubus Queen, Victoria is a dominant woman who previously had hundreds of slaves, but now Jonathan and Noelle are her only ones. She plans to train Jonathan to be the perfect slave.[4]
  • Caley: Caley is a fallen angel who came to Hell to experience the kind of sexual practices carried out by humans. She is a slave to the demon Calamity, who decides to lend Caley to Victoria for a period of time. As she is a fully trained slave, she is superior to Jonathan in the household.[5]

Minor characters

  • Rael: Rael is a human whose main fetish is dressing up as an effeminant bunny rabbit. Unlike the others in Victoria's mansion, he is not a slave to Victoria nor has he sold his soul. He instead occasionally visits Victoria for training.[6]The character of Rael is the creation of "Rael", not "Lord Dragon Master".[6]
  • Calamity: A full demon incubus, Calamity is the owner of Caley.[7]


Demon Candy: Parallel was originally created by a gang of seven students, including Lord Dragon Master, bored by the teacher. They created the idea of a comic about a gang of students who lost their souls to their professor, who it is revealed is a evil demon. After they left school, the idea mutated. It was planned that powerful demon lords held keys to the fate of the victims, and a legendary demon would change the fate of the universe. This story was entitled Demon Candy. However, Lord Dragon Master felt that the story was not being told properly. Therefore he created the story which became Demon Candy: Parallel.[8] The comic is drawn in a Yonkoma style.


Lord Dragon Master was nominated for the 2009 Bondage Awards for "Best Comic Artist" and "Best Writer" for his work on Demon Candy: Parallel.[1]

Print Editions

On 2 December, 2009, the first print edition of Demon Candy: Parallel was published by Lulu.com and following chapters in the series have also been made available there in print.


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