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Demon's Dance (eBook)

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Demon's Dance
Demon's Dance eBook Cover, written by Evey Brett
Demon's Dance eBook Cover, written by Evey Brett
Author(s) Evey Brett
Publisher Carina Press
Publication date January 17, 2011
Media type eBook
Length 132 Pages

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

Demon's Dance is an eBook written by Evey Brett. Within this work there is a race of Cambions which are beings sired by an Incubus and a human female. The main character of the story, Tristan, is a half incubus Cambion. This novel contains male/male sexual situations.


  • Title: Demon's Dance
  • Author: Evey Brett
  • Published By: Carina Press
  • Length: 132 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B004GB1T4K
  • Publishing Date: January 17, 2011

Plot Summary

Desire roused the demon within him...

Wanting to live freely as a human, half-incubus Tristan flees the Wardens. Broke and starving, he accepts Cory's offer of a paid photo shoot, never dreaming he'd find a man with whom he could be aroused and erotic in his own body without having to submit to his demonic half.

Psychically sensitive Cory didn't meet Tristan by accident; he volunteered to find the beautiful, exotic man for his patron. Cory had never before been able to touch a man without discomfort and soon can't stop, but the hotter the sex gets, the more he can sense the darkness Tristan is trying desperately to escape.

Cory will do anything to keep Tristan safe, even if it means going against both his patron and the Wardens. Cory must learn how to soothe the demon—and to love the man within.

Book Review

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  • 3.5 stars
  • Questionable characters
  • Reviewed On: January 28, 2011
  • Reviewed By: ByEmanuela

Tristan is a cambion, born from a human mother and a sexual demon, an incubus. After his mother's death his life is entrusted to a Warden, a human belonging to an order devoted to hunting demons and protecting their half-human offspring. Tristan's Warden ends up betraying his trust and abusing him and Tristan decides to flee from the institution who's entitled to his care to try to live as a human.

Blanco is the chief of the Wardens and a man with an unusual empathic ability that makes him able to connect with the demon side of the Cambions and soothe and please it. He has always looked over Tristan, but the death of his Cambion, Marco, affected him so much that he neglected his duties to Tristan, letting him be abused and hurt by his Warden.

Cori is a young photographer who's struggling to make a living with his art and who is unable to have a physical relationship with men because he can't stand their touch.

One night Cori takes pictures of Blanco, thinking of being the witness of a crime. When Cori meets the older man (Blanco is around 60), he is unexpectedly attracted to him. Blanco recognizes the potential of Cori's pictures and offers to be his patron. In exchange for that, Cori offers Blanco to find Tristan for him.

Tristan is a wonderful character. His struggle to control his demon half is heart-wrenching. He was the victim of abuse, but he doesn't lash out is anger or passively accept his situation and he is always thinking about the well-being of the people around him. In the first chapter, the author shows the complexity of his relationship with his previous Warden: no matter how bad he is treated, he still craves the attention of his Warden and he still wants to please him, while taking all the blame for the beatings and the violence on himself. He is the one taking the first step to break the chain of the abuse, but the sexual demon inside him can't break the connection between pain and pleasure, because Tristan has been taught that one always comes with the other.

I liked the fact that Tristan has to be re-trained to be able to feel whole again and the path to healing goes through the accepting of his demon. I must confess that at one point it was hard for me to accept the way Cori was praising the way Blanco displayed Tristan at the pictures' auction, but Cori was probably seeing the beauty of the other half of Tristan and, being sensitive, he was also able to appreciate it without the basest sexual feelings that the audience was showing. This was something that almost made me put the book down, because the boundary between caring and sexploitation in a Cambion/Warden relationship is blurred at best. This is the hardest part to accept for my sensibility: the they-need-it talk always irks me to no end (and I know it's fiction, I know it's paranormal, I know, but still...).

In comparison to Tristan, Cori seems flat. Blanco's attraction to him is due to his resemblance to Blanco's previous lover. Tristan loves Cori for his compassion, but it's not really shown. I also didn't quite like the double play with Blanco, the fact that he wanted to please him and then he turned to Tristan and still he felt he had to be loyal to Blanco and bring the Cambion to him. I would have wanted to see him to try and hide away with Tristan somewhere. It's true that the thought crosses his mind and that his interaction with Blanco was needed to discover his own abilities, but there's little to no fight and his constant thinking about his art and money made me think he was rather cheap, sorry.

Blanco was creepy for the 90% of the book. I resented him for a long while, it's only at the end that we're shown the extent of his grief for the loss of his Cambion.

On a general note, I think the book pace was too fast. I think Tristan is a round character, but Cori and Blanco's personalities are not as developed and maybe that's why they broadcast those odd feelings to me. I also think that the general Cambion/Warden relationship and the order to which Blanco belongs needed more explanation (in places it came out as Wardens were sort of pimps, but that's my opinion).

These are the reasons why I can't give more than 3.5 stars, but the book is a real page-turner, that's always good.

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