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Dark Succubus Avatar (Sinful Moon Creations)

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Dark Succubus
Dark Succubus Avatar by Sinful Moon Creations

Sinful Moon Creations
Skin or Avatar

Adult Content



Complete Avatar with Scripts and Accessories

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Dark Succubus is a complete avatar for Second Life created by Sinful Moon Creations. The avatar has the appearance of a Succubus and comes with many details and User options.

Dark Succubus Avatar

This Avatar comes with the following:

  • Complete Avatar for female demons with scripted parts, accessories and high details.
  • Skin (No Mod/No Trans)
  • Shape (No Trans)
  • Eyes (No Trans)
  • Eye Attachments (No Mod/No Trans): Alpha eye attachments with glowing and animated flaming texture.
  • Body Attachments 8 items (Some Mod/No Trans): Animated body parts for chest, upper arms, pelvis. Perms as below:
  • Tail and pelvis (No Mod/No Trans)
  • Tail (No Trans)
  • Flaming Pelvis (No Mod/No Trans)
  • Nipples and collar (No Mod/No Trans)
  • Collar (No Trans)
  • Flaming Nipples (No Mod/No Trans)
  • Upper arms (No Trans)
  • Bodyfire (No Mod/No Trans)
  • Left hip attachment. 3 large animated fire particle engines spinning around the avatar.
  • Whip (No Mod/No Trans)
  • Right hand attachment. Flexi glowing whip with fire animated texture and sculpted decorations.
  • Horns (No Trans)
  • Nose attachments (for allowing you to add your hair) with animated glowing texture and sculpted shiny decorations.
  • Hooves (No Trans)
  • Shoes, lower legs and feet attachments. Lower legs are sculpted with spikes, flexi hair and invisiprim. Feet have spikes and animated glowing texture.
  • Flaming Hooves (No Mod/No Trans): As above but scripted with additional Particled Flames.
  • Wings (No Copy/No Trans)
  • Spine Attachment. Sculpted scripted wings, able to spread and close via touch on/off. The only "No Copy - Yes Trans" item. It is transferable because they have several scripts and, if something accidentally happens, you can return them to Sinful Moon Creations for a fix or, in case of unreversable damage, receive a brand new copy.
  • Sexywalk AO (No Trans): Basic ZHAO AO created by Ziggy Puff, with classic Sexywalk animation. Modifiable for adding additional animation.

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