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Chaospire Succubus Fantasy Outfit (Devyn Grimm)

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Chaospire Succubus
Fantasy Outfit
Chaospire Succubus Fantasy Outfit by Jennna Fairplay

Jennna Fairplay
Skin or Avatar

Adult Content



For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Chaospire Succubus Fantasy Outfit is a Second Life avatar created by Jennna Fairplay. This costume alters an avatar to appear somewhat Succubus-like.

Chaospire Succubus Outfit

This set consists of 6 pieces that include a bra, underbust corset, panties, gloves, leggings and demon horns as attachments. The outfit is made up of black and red leather, being of a semi-sheer material and chains. The bra and panties are worn on the shirt and pants layer to allow you to keep your tattoos on. All pieces have modify and transfer permissions.

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