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Capriole (eBook)

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Capriole eBook Cover, written by Evey Brett
Capriole eBook Cover, written by Evey Brett
Author(s) Evey Brett
Publisher Loose Id LLC
Publication date March 12, 2012
Media type eBook
Length 206 Pages

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

Capriole is an eBook written by Evey Brett. In this work an Incubus appears who threatens the main characters of the story. This novel contains male/male sexual situations and other sexual situations.


  • Title: Capriole
  • Author: Evey Brett
  • Published By: Loose Id LLC
  • Length: 206 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: March 12, 2012

Plot Summary

After fleeing a brutal mental hospital in Barcelona, Felipe Camarena is trying to forge a new life as a psychology student in San Diego. Trouble is, he has a knack of knowing things he shouldn’t about people, and the all-too-real demons from his past are coming back to haunt him.

Professor Lukas von Rainer is a Warden—someone who hunts incubi and tames their sexually ravenous and dangerous offspring. As a fellow Sensitive, Lukas is the only one who can help when Felipe is severely injured by an incubus. He takes Felipe to his ranch in hopes that his Lipizzan horses will help him recover, but Felipe refuses to face his past and attempts to seduce Lukas instead. Lukas fends him off, surprised to find himself falling for the young man he’s vowed to aid. For years, he’s believed a physically satisfying and truly loving relationship is impossible because of his abilities, but is it?

He may not get the chance to find out. Even as he and the horses work their magic to heal Felipe, the incubus tracking them means to kill him and anyone who gets in its way.

Book Review

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