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Branwyn by Darkshadow
Name Branwyn
Title(s) Daughter of Tera
Princess of the Realm
Heiress to the Realm
Rianna's Older Sister
AngelKitty Mair
Age Physically 25, though she is actually several centuries old
Gender Female
Hair Colour Ebony
Jet Black (Originally)
Eye Colour Green
Tail Colour Blue
Silver (Originally)
Personality Outgoing, Focused and Inquisitive
Strength(s) Exceptional spell casting and technological abilities
Weakness(es) Occasionally does not look before she leaps into a situation
Favorite Place Learning from Tera, Teaching Rianna, or out in the field, seducing and saving the world
Home in the Realm Tera's Home
Alias The Gifted
Created By Branwyn
Quote That's... not right.

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Branwyn, born as Branwyn Merideth and known as Tera’s Daughter, is a Collective Succubi, and is, like her sister Rianna, one of the Realm’s more complex individuals. She is a blue-tailed succubi and her tailself is a red-tail; her AngelKitty is named Mair. Devoted to her mother, Tera, she has a very strong dominant personality which mixed with her innate magic and technological abilities makes her one of the most powerful of the Realm's succubi.

Physical Description

Branwyn is a young member of the Succubi who appears to be in her middle-to-late-twenties. She is a blue tailed succubi and her tailself is a red tail. Her scent is a mixture of cherries and almonds. Originally born with jet black hair, following her transformation into one of the succubi, it became a shade of ebony in colour which very closely matched that of Tera's own hair colour. She has deep green eyes that give a tease towards her abilities and powers. She, much like her mother, prefers clothing made of latex, her favourite look being a mixture of fishnets and latex which has become her trademark look.


Originally Branwyn, like her sister Rianna, was a bookworm and very shy in her personality. However following an encounter with Rianna at Mtech, and then a further event with Tera that began her transformation into being one of the succubi, she become far more dominant and secure in herself and her abilities. While still somewhat reflective in nature, her dominant personality suffers no fools and she is more than willing to teach the unwary or unwise that they have crossed the wrong succubi.

Branwyn’s devotion to her mother, Tera, is unquestionable and beyond reproach, this being the result of many years under Tera’s care before she was fully transformed in the Lake of Fire, but more through Tera's love for Branwyn, as a mother, something that Branwyn had never really had following the passing of her birth mother. While her birth mother's influence originally gave Branwyn a silver tail, she became a blue tail when Branwyn finally accepted that Tera loved her as a daughter without question and for always prior to reemerging from the Lake of Fire.

Branwyn tends to be very serious much of the time, save for those that know her well, when she lets down her guard and can allow her fun side to come out. She does not, like her sister Rianna, make friends easily, as her guarded nature tends to get in her way, but, once she gets comfortable with someone, her friendship is for always.

Powers and Abilities

Branwyn’s powers include many of those that those in the Realm have with some special aspects. She has the ability to read the minds of others, but she generally only uses that power when she has permission to do so, unless there are exceptional reasons otherwise. She has the power to alter her form, like all succubi and incubi do, though she tends to limit that use to enhancing her own form at times, if so inclined. Branwyn can teleport in a similar fashion to Tera, though Branwyn’s scent when she does so is that of a mixture of cherries and almonds. She is one of only a few in the Realm that can communicate with their angelkitties mentally. She also has the ability to “read” the auras of others and know how dominant or submissive they are, a trait inherited from Tera. She can also alter her clothing to make herself more appealing to others while seducing them.

Branwyn has exceptional magic abilities, they being inherited from Tera's encounter with her in the past. While not as versed in them as Tera, she is noted as being one of the most powerful succubi with regards to magic abilities. Her true power however is through her ability to bend any technology to her will, she sometimes being described as a Technomage. Regardless of any security measures or protections, she can, and has, rewritten programs, reengineered technologies, or created newer and more advanced devices from less advanced sources in a time ranging from seconds at best to a few hours at worst. Following her manipulations, any such technologies are forever tied to her will and should parts of this technology be reused in other devices, that hold continues.

Branwyn has the ability, which she inherited from Tera, to form collars from her own energies which give her control over others, both mentally and physically. She can also create leashes and other means of control at will which she can throw with unerring aim, sealing her target’s fate to her whims.



Branwyn's TailSelf has not made herself known as yet to Branwyn, though Tera is very much aware of who she is. Through the magic amulet of Branwyn's birth mother and the embedding of a sliver of Tera's soul and power into her, this has created a singularly unique Tail. While not making herself known to Branwyn consciously, the red-tailed being is an echo of Branwyn's birth mother's soul. This came to be through the actions of Tera's own mother who bent the Realm's reality to make this possible. She does not wish to appear, being relieved that her actions brought Branwyn to encounter Tera, becoming Tera's daughter and finding a loving family which was her only desire.


Branwyn’s AngelKitty is named Mair, who first appeared to Branwyn when she was attending the multi-universe university called Mtech, where Tera was the Co-Dean and Student Advisor. Mair, in her AngelKitty form, is a almond brown Calico kitten with black wings. In her human form, Mair appears to be a very young sister to Branwyn, having some of the same physical attributes that Branwyn has in body shape and hair colour. Mair's personality is somewhat shy and unassuming, save for any threats that might appear towards Branwyn. There is no more vengeful AngelKitty than Mair should someone get on her bad side. That said, Branwyn can usually calm Mair's anger from apocalyptic to only atomic if Branwyn puts her foot down. The main issue being that Mair tends to see her role as Branwyn's guardian and in being so she will not accept the possibility that Branwyn might come to harm. This has caused some issues for Mair. some of them life threatening which has only brought the two together more completely, their relationship being very similar to that of Kitty and Tera.


  • Adores reading and the Realm Library is one of her favourite places to be found.
  • Was responsible for the creation of the Realm Technology Labs, sometimes referred to as Acme Labs.
  • Completed studies at Mtech in Hypnotic Arts with minors in Hypno-tech and Hypno-engineering.
  • Has been trying to work out the perfect ratio of Rediwhip to Chocolate sauce for... reasons.
  • Branwyn has a wing of Tera's home as her own
  • Has spent decades figuring out how to overcome Tera's ability to explode any video technology that tries to film her... and hasn't.


  • Branwyn originally appeared in the Hypnopics Collective role playing game called Mtech. This article is based on that original character's arc with some minor changes to fill in her future history and Realm roles.

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