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Blind Desire

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Blind Desire
Blind Desire eBook Cover, written by I.D. Locke
Blind Desire eBook Cover, written by I.D. Locke
Author(s) I.D. Locke
Publisher Torquere Press
Publication date August 22, 2009
Media type eBook
Length 153 Pages

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

Blind Desire is an eNovel written by I.D. Locke. Within this eNovel, one of the characters, Ryzel, is an incubus. This novel has adult themes that include scenes of male/male sexual situations.


  • Title: Blind Desire
  • Author: I.D. Locke
  • Published By: Torquere Press
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B002MKO2V4
  • Length: 153 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 22, 2009

Plot Summary

A chance encounter in an alleyway has Ryzel, an incubus, chasing after Quinlin, the Gifted human who almost interrupted his most recent meal. Quinlin’s prickly attitude doesn’t stop Ryzel from trying to find him because a Gifted human such as Quinlin is the richest possible food source for an incubus. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Ryzel also finds Quinlin beautiful.

Quinlin is frustrated and annoyed that he can’t get Ryzel out of his mind after only one stolen kiss. A second encounter with Ryzel in a bar leads Quinlin to make the life-altering decision to sleep with the object of his obsession to purge Ryzel from his mind once and for all. One night of pleasure reveals details neither intended to tell the other about themselves. The wheels of destiny are set into motion.

Book Review

The following review is from the Amazon.com link in the External Links below:

  • 5 out of 5 stars
  • Blind Desire by I.D. Locke
  • Reviewed On: May 12, 2010
  • Reviewed By: Elisa

Starting this book I was expecting a quite dark and gothic story, and instead the overall mood of this one is light and almost funny.

Ryzelmei, Ryzel, is an incubus. He is not a lesser demon like all the incubi, he is the son of Asmodai, and so he has some powers more than usual. In his life out of hell, this turns into him being a very wealthy man, with some thriving nighclubs and poshy hotels, that allow him to live in a comfortable way with only one pursuit, find a good meal twice a day. Obviously a meal for an incubus means sex, but Ryzel, in his human form, is a very handsome man, a bit on the pale side, with waist long black hair, so it's not a problem to find willing partners. And lately Ryzel has also stopped to feed to death from his partners, and so his meal leaves him with only a faint recollection of a nice experience.

Then Quinlin, Quin, stumbles upon one of those nice experiences; Quin is blind but he has a gift, he can see auras, and so what he "sees" his a stronger aura that is encompassing a weaker one. He obviously interferes, and knocks out Ryzel with his cane. He doesn't do serious damage to the incubus, but enough to get notice. To Ryzel, Quin appears like a succulent meal and something more; to the incubus eyes, Quin is stunning and beautiful, to everyone else eyes he is quite average... what is between Ryzel and Quin that pulls them together and bonded them in a way Ryzel has never felt before?

I like Quin's character since, even if blind, he is not at all a weak or dependent man. Usually when you have a disability, you develop some other skill, and Quin develops his strong will. He is a pissy bastard! He is not friendly, he is quite brisk and he likes things done as he wants. He is not one to indulge or mourning, and he is also open enough to recognize his body desires; after meeting Ryzel, he can't deny that his body wants the man, and this doesn't change not even when he discovers that Ryzel is an incubus. It's not quite a problem for Quin, his grandmother, a seer, foretold everything and took the right measures to ensure an happily ever after for her grandson.

I believe there are some yaoi influence in the story, but they are not so strong or strict... Quin is obviously a top from the bottom, he is always feisty and talkative during sex, always giving orders even when he is on the receiving end. He doesn't like to be ordered around probably since he developed an independent core to make up to his blindness, and that attitude is brought on also during sex. Quin is also an hyperactive man, he is always in motion, or doing something, laziness is not a word in his vocabulary... for example, everytime they have sex, Quin is always the first to wake up, and more time than not, Ryzel doesn't find him in bed afterward.

On the other hand, Ryzel, as a demon and powerful man, should be the top in the relationship, but he never fulfils the general expectation. In life he is caught in the middle between feisty Quin on one side, and his powerful father on the other; during sex he always plans great things in his mind, things to do to Quin, and always ends following Quin's wishes... poor Ryzel would be a really frustrated demon, if not for the simple reason that he is a "sex" demon... sex is joyful and playful, and so Ryzel is like that, a man who enjoys the moment, who is able to savor the little things of life, who is willing to try and compromise if the prize of all of that is being good.

All in all Blind Desire showed to be a very nice, light and enjoyable story, with some a real funny core... and I believe the author has something in mind for Haskell, Quin's friend with benefits, and an horse... something I wouldn't mind to read.

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