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Blackaby (Webcomic)

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Author Rachel Astruc
Website http://blackaby.comicgenesis.com/
Current status / schedule Abandoned
Launch date April 24, 2005
End date August 27, 2006
Comic strip syndication Independent
Publisher Independent
Genre(s) Fantasy
Rating(s) Adult (NC-17)

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Blackaby was a webcomic series created by writer Rachel Astruc. It followed the story of a minion of hell named Blackaby and his misadventures. Instead of a single, progressive storyline, the comic comprised a series of short stories that jumped back and forth in time, and could concentrate on any member of the central cast.

The series was rated NC-17 and did touch on many sexual themes within the storylines. In this series the character Jessica Satan was a Succubus.

Series Information

  • Title: Blackaby
  • Writer: Rachel Astruc
  • Characters: Blackaby, the Angel, Wolf, Habib
  • Updated: Wed,Sat
  • Began: April 24, 2005
  • Ended: August 27, 2006
  • Rating: NC-17
  • Website: http://blackaby.comicgenesis.com/

Blackaby: Hell Is Other Demons

Jonathan Blackaby hates his job--it's a shame he's so damned good at it. A demonlord desk-jockey in Hell's understaffed Plotting and Planning department, Blackaby dreams of a care-free life in mortal suburbia, an unevil wonderland bordered by white picket fences and populated by friendly folk and their small yappy dogs. Unfortunately for Blackaby, evil doesn't just follow him: it actively hunts him down and explodes noisily in his face.

Currently Blackaby lives "downtown" in an evil unit in an evil cul-de-sac with his evil pet, Wolf, a beer-drinking, porn-watching werewolf who enjoyed a brief period of notoriety a few centuries ago when she terrorized a little French village called Gevaudan... Regular vistors to the cul-de-sac include Blackaby's best friend, Prince Habib ibn Harun al-Rashid, an eighth century Persian vampire who now works in a comic book store, and Blackaby's "uptown" girlfriend, the Angel, who picked Blackaby up while slumming it in one of Hell's seedier neighbourhoods.

But while Blackaby bitches and moans about his evil life, there are bigger things afoot. Other supernatural creatures, from Japanese wood elves to the fiendish, cannibalistic Fae-kind, are starting to make trouble; Blackaby's friend Ezekiel Gilmartin, the Son of Satan, is being forced to reconcile his own doubts about Hellish (and Heavenly) politics; and with the Ultimate Company Merger looming portentously on the event horizon, Blackaby has more to worry about than what people will think of his new, be-halo'd girlfriend...

Other Characters

  • Lady Amethyst MoonRose: Amethyst is an elf eco-ninja: dedicated to saving the environment one tree at a time. She spends most of her time protecting parks and being vegan. She's not above using violence and blackmail to achieve her aims, although shouting loudly at people is her favourite method of conflict resolution. Legend has it she's the tree spirit of Sun Tzu's favourite bonzai...
  • The Angel: The Angel is Blackaby's live-in girlfriend, an arrangement which breaks several laws of metaphysics but has yet to put a dint her cheery demeanour. The Angel loves to act the part of devoted housewife, so long as her cleaning and cooking schedules are regularly interrupted by hot demonic sex.
  • Bobreal: Bobreal is The Angel's ex-boyfriend. He works in Heaven in middle-management. Bobreal is loving, caring, compassionate, and doesn't believe in holding hands until after the thousandth date. Having dated the Angel for the greater part of a millennia, Bobreal is naturally reluctant to surrender her to a self-hating, perpetually broke git like Blackaby.
  • Ezekiel Gilmartin: Ezekiel is the son of Satan. He knows he has big things ahead of him, but right now he's just happy to cruise through life on a cushy marketing salary. Ezekiel has good hair, drives a motorbike, and looks great in leather. Despite being miles cooler and far better dressed, he counts Blackaby as one of his better friends.
  • Prince Habib ibn Haroun al-Rashid: The long forgotten son of Haroun al-Rashid, Prince Habib al-Rashid was transformed into a vampire during an ill-advised sojourn in downtown Baghdad. Immortal, fanged and bloodthirsty, Habib has an atypical resistance to the common vampiric weaknesses: sunlight, garlic and roleplaying. Habib is currently employed by the appositely named chain store, We Sell Comics.
  • Maudiah: Maudiah is the Angel's oldest friend: an outgoing uptown PR girl with a not-so-secret penchant for oogling demonic boys with their tops off. Like most angels in the upper tiers of Heaven's bureaucracy, Maudiah has big plans for making the world a better place. It's a shame she just never seems to get around to it - what with the UCM to organise, and Uvayah's wardrobe to co-ordinate, and all that darn pot lying about, just itching to be smoked...
  • Murmur: Military genius and Mr Satan's right-hand man, Murmur is a throwback of the Old, Pre-Corporate Days when smiting, sinning and firey swords were all the rage. Right now he's disappointed by the way Hell seems to be going to, well, Hell... but he has high hopes for Ezekiel, who seems to have quite a flair for the more practical, hands-on forms of evil-doing.
  • Mr. Satan: The ruler of Hell, Mr Satan enjoys golf and getting to know his employees. As bosses go he's a nice, fair and kind one, and generous to a fault - possibly too generous, when it comes to his PR department.
  • Roland N Satan: Roland is Mr Satan's nephew and something of a kiss-ass. He grew up in Blackaby's uber-evil shadow - and is now forced to work in a neighbouring cubicle. Beset regularly with delusions of power, Roland considers himself Blackaby's worst enemy and a dastardly foe. Blackaby, on the other hand, just kind of pities him.
  • Jessica Satan: Jessica is Roland's high school sweetheart. In fact, she was everyone's high school sweetheart - having a succubus in the class usually turns heads. But it was Roland who married her... although he's having trouble keeping her. While most of Jessica's numerous extra-marital liasons are "work related", there have been one or two Blackaby-related 'incidents' that give Roland cause for worry. Jessica's work (in the temptations department) often brings her into contact with The Angel (abstinence department).
  • Grugar Sparkles: Part of a savage tribe of tooth fairies, Piper can usually be found hunting vampires (for their fangs) when she's not making plans to take over the world. Although learned in many disciplines, including voodoo, quantum physics and advanced dentistry, a recent mission oversight has left Piper at The Angel's mercy. The Angel keeps the fairy in a cage and calls her Boopsie.
  • Uvayah: During the week Uvayah is Heaven's CEO and Mr Satan's sworn adversary, but on the weekend the two often get together for a friendly game of golf. Possessed of a thousand eyes that see in all directions and purported to be omniscient, Uvayah is still happily surprised each afternoon by the latest installment of East Enders.
  • The Beast of Gevaudan: Wolf: Blackaby found his werewolf pet in the french village of Gevaudan - where she was terrorising and eating the locals at an alarming rate. Now more-or-lessly domesticated, Wolf (like Habib) spends most of her time on the couch, smoking, drinking beer, and watching what pornography she can find on the Animal Channel.

Series Fate

The first comic appeared on April 24th, 2005 and was updated twice a week generally. The last comic published was on August 27th, 2006. The series ended on a cliffhanger on that date. Since then, the series has not been updated and appears to have been abandoned by its creators.

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